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Rolex Bracelets and Straps

Strengthening its place among the legendary names of luxury watchmaking with every technological and aesthetic detail included in its models, Rolex is under the spotlight with its bracelet and strap options, which have a great share in its well-deserved reputation.

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Rolex is a brand that manages to keep functionality, durability, elegance, and/or sportiveness at the maximum level in every detail of the watches it produces. The bracelet and strap models used in Rolex timepieces are also designed and produced in line with these criteria. The result is a characteristic, almost signature, image, and unique comfort. Well, the famous Rolex experience is largely due to the feeling these bracelets and straps create on the wrist.

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The "Oyster" bracelets, which are the indispensable companions of the sports series, have a design that reveals itself at first glance with its three-piece structure. The links are solid and fastened together with screws. Each Rolex bracelet is offered with enough additional links to fit the wrist of a standard individual. If you have an over-standard wrist, you can also purchase extra links through Rolex services. Each Oyster bracelet link is shaped at an angle that follows the natural curve of the wrist. Naturally, regardless of your wrist shape, what you get is a great level of comfort. Rolex makes use of several different clasp-lock models in its Oyster bracelet watches. The most advanced of these clasps come with the Sea-Dweller Deep Sea model, which offers a waterproof value of up to 3900 meters. The clasp with the Oysterlock folding lock system comes with the Glidelock extension mechanism and Fliplock extension connection. In this way, the size of the bracelet can be extended in seconds to be worn on the wetsuit. In the standard Sea-Dweller and Submariner models, there is a different Glidelock extension mechanism and Oysterlock folding lock system, which are also a derivative of this series. Models identified with air and land, such as the GMT-Master 2, Explorer, and Daytona, have clasps with the Easylink adjustment system and Oysterlock folding locking mechanisms. Although this type of buckle does not offer as precise a lengthening and shortening as the Glidelock, it allows for the necessary adjustments to be made for a sufficient level of comfort. In addition, in the aforementioned models, the connection point on the non-folding part of the clasp can be set to three different positions offering extra micro-adjustment. In models such as the Oyster Perpetual, folding clasps with Easylink attachment, which do not have an additional locking mechanism and allow only 5mm of extension, are used. Oyster bracelets are offered to watch enthusiasts with a choice of stainless steel, stainless steel with yellow or pink gold edges, full gold (white, yellow, or pink), and platinum. In the stainless steel version, the center links are either brushed and polished, depending on the model, while the outer links always have a brushed finish.

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Another option that perfectly balances sportiness and elegance while boosting the eye-catching factor without sacrificing comfort is the Jubilee bracelet. Thanks to the multi-link structure, the polished surfaces of the middle links, and dozens of small metal parts that touch the wrist, every Rolex with the Jubilee bracelet guarantees extra glamor and elegance. Solid links mean that the bracelet will not lose anything from its solid and firm presence over the years. The Jubilee bracelets, which find their place in many models from the Datejust to the Sky-Dweller and the GMT-Master 2, are securely and comfortably attached to the wrist with the Glidelock folding lock system as well as the Easylink extension mechanism. The Jubilee bracelets, which were previously available also with a hidden clasp system, now come with the Glidelock clasp only. Although Rolex's explanation for this update is to achieve better results in terms of durability and practicality, the image of the integrated hidden clasp on the Jubilee bracelet is still unrivaled in terms of elegance.


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The only address for style and elegance is a unique bracelet that finds its place only in the most special series of the brand, the President. The President nickname bracelets, which are exclusively for the Day-Date, one of Rolex's most assertive and iconic families, offer a unique look and comfort with their three-piece structure. President bracelets are made of precious metals only as white, yellow, pink gold, or platinum. It is not possible to have this bracelet in stainless steel. The clasps of President bracelets have a unique design as well. On the outside of the clasp, where the folding part is hidden on the wrist, there is a link sporting the Rolex crown.

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The gem-set only models of Rolex, the Pearlmaster series, have bracelets that are called the same as the model name. There are also diamond ornaments in the rounded-shaped bracelets, which consist of five pieces. Bracelets, as you can imagine, are made only of precious metals. Just like President models, Pearlmaster bracelets also benefit from hidden type clasps.

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Let's get to the strap options. At this point, Rolex confronts its users with two options, Oysterflex rubber, and alligator straps. The Oysterflex comes with sportier models such as Sky-Dweller, Yacht-Master, and Daytona. Made of high-performance elastomer material, the black-colored strap has two metal blades on the tip that mimic the natural curved shape of the wrist. Models with Oysterflex straps are only available with folding-type Easylink extension mechanism clasps made of white, yellow, or pink gold. The straps, which come with micro-adjustable clasps, are replaced by Rolex services as a set if they get worn out. If you wish, you can choose between different sizes of strap options. Leather straps, on the other hand, are available with the stylish Cellini models only at the moment. Models with black, brown, and dark blue color options come with standard type buckles made of 18K gold.


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