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Rolex Gmt Master ’’Gilt-Dial’’


Continuing where we left off the vintage watch write-ups and our first interview for 2016 is with Sebastian who is a well known watch collector. He goes by the nickname ’’Buenosdias’’ in the watch forums and ’’Buenosdiasone’’ on Instagram. He has a nice collection of Rolex watches, but i always remember him with his vibrant, crisp GMT’s. We will be talking about one of his charming watches today.

Why vintage ? Why Rolex ?

I often got in contact to watches when I was a kid. My father was a salesman for Citizen, Pulsar and many other brands. But hey, I did not care about them. In 2006 I bought my first "real watch". An Omega Speedmaster with date. This watch is still in my collection and I love to wear it on important occasions (e.g. job interviews).

For about two or three years I was happy. Then I discovered the brand Rolex. I saw a Sea Dweller ref. 16600 on the wrist of a client and i knew; This was ’’The Watch’’!

In this year I went to a second hand jewellery store and bought a used Submariner date ref. 16610. Man, I was so proud. Unfortunately, I signed in the German forum in 2009. It was a big mistake. 

I saw tons of Rolex. One nicer than the other. After some months of wearing my Submariner date I recognized that this is not ’’The Watch’’. I sold it to a friend and bought a 16600 Sea Dweller. This watch is still with me and I love it like the first day. The tool of the tools - the watch of the watches.

I recognized that many collectors have a passion for old vintage Rolex models in the German watch forum. I did not understand them at first. How could they spend so much money for old antiquated, outdated watches?

I don’t know how it happened, i bought my first vintage watch. It was a white 1680, my birth year watch with box and papers. I realized this was better than every other one i have owned at the moment it arrived. That ’’charisma’’ was just amazing. I understood the point of collecting vintage after that. Vintage is so charming. The different patinas on the plots, the warmth of the plexi crystal and the light play under the sun - just ’wow’. I knew; This wouldn’t be my last!

Can you name your favorite watches in your collection ?

It is really hard to name a favorite in my humble collection. I do love them all.

And yes, I wear them all. I don’t understand those who collect for investment or to put it in the depth of the deposit box. Wearing these vintage pieces is so much fun.There’s one special watch, that is spraying magic when it is exposed to the sunlight.

A flash for me everytime I wear it, especially on those bright sunny days; My Rolex Gmt-Master ref.1675 ’’Gilt Dial’’.


What is the importance of this watch to you, what makes it speacial for you ?

The ref. 1675 GMT never was my reference. Too colorful, too "loud". But at some point of time my opinion changed. I was offered a 1675 Mark-4 dial.  I bought it and i loved it.

At this point I did many research on this special reference. I soaked all the information I could get like a big sponge. Nowadays it is my favorite reference! I love the 1675. I’m "Mad@GMT".

Then I saw a picture of a special 1675 gilt-dial in the German watch forum. I saved all the pictures of it that was posted by the owner and thought; this was it. The 1675 of all 1675’s - best i had seen so far. I kept the pictures on my phone for a long time and kept staring at them in every chance.

Then one day a collector (nowadays a great watch friend of mine) asked me, ’’if I would be interested in buying a GMT - a 1675 with gilt dial’’ ? via whatsapp. I knew he was a friend of the owner of the "Gilt of Gilts", so I answered with one of the saved pictures of the watch in my phone.

" Maybe This One? " Later following up to 10 pictures of the watch.

The answer came; Yes!

Oh, I was so happy. And yes, I bought the watch. My 1675 gilt-dial, so many watch collectors and so many watches, yet this amazing 1675 ’’Gilt’’ found her way to me.

By the way, I love playing with the inserts. Every new insert brings a complete new look to the this watch.

Let’s hear some historical & technical details about this reference and particularly the one you own?

1675 Gilt Dial with serial number which puts it 100% ’’Gilt’’ range.

Movement is a 1565 (1560) with non-hacking second (The second hand does not stop when the crown is pulled out while setting the watch).


Mega glossy dial with deep gold print,


Lume completely intact. No discoloration or damages,


Wearing it mostly on a "muddy grey" leather nato strap, but often on a 7206 Oyster bracelet with 58 end-links.


The specialty of this 1675 is the T-38 dome crystal (without the cyclops) for me which was mounted due to my preference. It gives such a clean look to the watch. Also a perfect view on the glossy gilt dial.


Most of the time I wear it with the deep-blue/rose colored mega fat font inlay. It’s a great match, but others also works nice.


Many thanks for your time and sharing your watch journey Sebastian. You definately have a focused taste and style for picking the right watches for your collection. This one being an earlier production compared to the others you own (year;1966 which makes it 50 years old) and being a reminder of  how cool is the golden era of the vintage Rolex; makes it a special one and shines among the others with the charming gold prints. Hope to talk more watches from your collection, have a good one. 

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