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Specially Designed For Your Significant Other

Platinum that is more valuable than gold, the color of passion red, dazzling diamonds and the elegance of rubies.


Valentine's Day means happiness or bitterness for some and nothing for others. But we all want to be remembered by the person we love and to be happy, even with a tiny surprise, let's confess, like crazy. Harry Winston, who has freed precious stones from heavy metals to bring their natural beauty and glitter to the forefront and revolutionized the American jewelry market at some point, offers the chance to celebrate today with a very special watch, the Precious Valentine's Day by Harry Winston (Ref. HJTQHM18PP011).


Specially designed for Valentine's Day and produced in a limited edition, Precious Valentine's Day by Harry Winston is home to the brand's two porters, the elegant silhouette of the emerald cut and the cluster motif. The watch’s 18.5mm platinum, octagonal silhouette stands out with its approximately 1.34 carats and 20 diamond cut red rubies. The edges of the rubies are left open so that they can be seen from any angle, which creates a feast for the eye. This arrangement allows light to pass smoothly through the exposed edges, while the thinness of the platinum case (5.30mm) attracts attention. There are a total of 174 precious stones as 152 diamonds, 20 diamond cut rubies, and 2 heart-shaped rubies. Precious Valentine's Day by Harry Winston can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters.


The mother-of-pearl dial of Valentine's Day has only the hour and the minute hands. The emerald cut Harry Winston logo is made of 18K white gold.


Harry Winston based on the cluster technique, a brand signature while designing the model. With this technique, diamonds of different cuts were placed on almost invisible metal pieces at various angles to obtain three-dimensional clusters of precious stones.


Precious Valentine’s Day by Harry Winston also refers to this important design feature with its majestic cluster motifs adorning both ends of the case. Five drop-cut platinum leaves set with 152 diamonds of different sizes surround the non-round ruby. Heart-shaped rubies placed on the bed of diamonds attract attention with their raised figure.


This watch, which has a ‘romantic’ design, ticks by a with Swiss-made quartz movement. A red satin strap and a platinum buckle adorned with 11 diamonds complements the model.

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