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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 “Ring Master”


TAG Heuer has released a special edition timepiece to commemorate the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali.


Considered as one of the greatest sportsmen of all times, Muhammad Ali passed away on 3rd of June this year, at the age of 74. The legendary boxing champion will always be remembered, not only for his successful boxing career, but also for his activism in civil rights matters, and his style.

The famous Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, very well known with its strong relations in sports, released a pair of special Carrera Calibre 5 model in tribute to his great personality. The “Ring Master” name stands for the regular stainless steel model, while a unique solid gold model will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Muhammad Ali Centre.

Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Calibre-5-Ring-Master-Muhammad-Ali-11.jpg Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Calibre-5-Ring-Master-Muhammad-Ali-5.jpg

The special timepiece’s relation with the boxing is an interesting story. Heuer (pre-TAG period) has a solid link with sports -particularly with its equipment used for timing different kinds of sport events. The brand created a special instrument to time boxing matches as well as one specific stopwatch in 1957 called the “Ring Master”. This forgotten piece of history is the direct inspiration for the timepiece exclusively designed to tribute the great Muhammad Ali. The roulette style inner bezel of the original model is successfully employed in the special edition Calibre 5 Ring Master model. The bezel, which is operated by the crown at the 10 o’clock position, indicates 15 three-minute intervals, each separated by a minute – the exact number and duration of heavyweight bouts in Ali’s time (today it is 12 three-minute rounds). The second scale shows 15 two-minute bouts, used in other weight divisions. 


The new timepiece is based on the Carrera Calibre 5 Drive Timer model. The case measures 43mm in diameter. The front side of the case sports a scratch proof sapphire crystal while the solid caseback features an engraving of the champion himself. 


The matte black dial bears the signature of Ali accompanied with the classic TAG Heuer logo. The date display is located at the 6 o’clock position with a date wheel in white font over the black dial. The markers are designed in Arabic style in homage to the original stop watch.


The stainless steel version comes on a black calf skin perforated strap with red lining, while the unique version comes on a black alligator strap with contrast stitching.

Let’s not forget that the one of a kind, all gold version comes in a stunning presentation box and a unique pair of signed gloves.

Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Calibre-5-Ring-Master-Muhammad-Ali-3.jpg Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Calibre-5-Ring-Master-Muhammad-Ali-7.jpg


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