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Tested & Approved: Rolex

How are Rolex watches tested, how are they approved?


The pursuit of excellence, absolute smoothness, the discovery of original approaches, and innovative solutions... Brands do not give up searching and trying and prove themselves again and again with every model they produce.


Rolex that created an unwavering throne in the world of luxury watchmaking, are among the brands that prove themselves at the most extreme conditions like in the depths of the oceans, at the top of the highest mountains, in the air and on the race tracks to maintain their top positions. All Rolexes meet their owners after being subjected to extreme tests to meet high expectations.



Although we do not climb to the top of the highest mountains, or do not explore the deepest points of the oceans, we all test our watches in our daily lives hustle and bustle. The bracelets and buckles of the watches also have their share of these tests.

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Oysterlock, a new generation used in professional Rolex models, passed 26 different drop tests in the development process to pass the user tests successfully. Oysterlock, which opens and closes tens of thousands of times to remain fully functional even in the harshest conditions, reaches the user by passing through chlorine and saltwater tanks with sand in them.

Attention: The Watch May Fall!

Each new Rolex goes through a drop test that takes place in more than 20 different ways before the introduction. The most violent approval test is named after the ram (bélier). With this special test, an impact equivalent to 5,000 G-force is applied to the watch. Let me add that this value is hundreds of times applied during the crash tests for automobiles. However, you still better be gentle with your Rolex.


Did You Say Waterproof?

All Oyster Perpetual models come with Oyster case, which optimally protects the movement against water, dust, and shocks. Oyster watches are immersed in water before shipping to boutiques, and getting tested for 10% more than the stated depth (25% more if the watch is a diver’s model).


With You Over the Years

A robot works day and night at Rolex's Plan-les-Quates facility. An arm firmly attached to a base moves the watch at regular intervals in a series of movements that seem random. This robot mimics the arm movements that occur during sports activities such as daily body movements and running and performs the tests necessary for your watch to be with you for years. It simulates the wear that will occur after many years in a week and delivers your watch to you safely.


Tank Under the Deep Seas

The brand uses a 1.3-ton steel hyperbaric tank, which is molded in one piece, to test the waterproofness of Rolex Deepsea at 3,900 meters. This tank simulates pressure about 25 percent deeper (4,875 meters) than the depth indicated on the dial.

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Let me add that the pressure applied to the watch at this depth is equivalent to about 4.5 tons.

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