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That fake Patek Philippe was just not right Can Manay..!


Perfect performance, great visuality, awesome music. All of us already hit by “Bruce Willis” charming style but that fake watch is a disaster beyond all that production, effort and care.

There is no single day that an another originality enters in our lives. The famous saying of Andy Warhol “Fifteen minutes of fame” can be extended by saying “in the future in every 15 seconds another new thing will pop up”. That’s what we are going through now by annoying news from all over the world, new discoveries, new wars, new books, cars, movies, brands  and that we are most involved with “new watches” or news including watches…

Nowadays this new project, which succeeded in outscoring the television by taking the power of digital media behind it, is being talked very much.

Everything is made to be known. Especially the visual media is surrounded all over by product placement. While everyone pays attention to everything “that fake watch” within the luxury rubbed in my face is unacceptable! As a horological witch, I wanted to jump on my broom and throw that box out of the window!


Gently I condemn the responsible staff for that and want to recommend them here some timepieces that would suit our mischievous character performed by Ozan Güven who impress all the women by his irresistible devil charm.

The first one is RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon. I used to ask myself who the hell would buy this kind of watch but seeing Mr.Manay’s behavior to all women who is not his love of life, I thought this watch would fit him well. You’ll understand what I mean with a smile in your face when you look at the watch carefully.

Richard-Mille-RM69-Erotic-Tourbillon-aBlogtoWatch-3.jpg Richard-Mille-RM69-Erotic-Tourbillon-aBlogtoWatch-5.jpg

My second suggestion is Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Repetition Minutes Rideau White Gold model which will be the best to suit complex mood of the character expressing luxury that they are trying to make us feel.

Jaeger-LeCoultre-Reverso-Repetition-Minutes-a-Rideau-1.jpg Jaeger-LeCoultre-Reverso-Repetition-Minutes-a-Rideau-2.jpg

Another one is Breitling Navitimer Heritage for a modest elegance.


The IWC in the watch box is ok, but my recommendation would be an IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar which can be worn on a daily routine.


One more word to the styling crew… if you are cable of analyzing his character well, please just return those Rolex watches back to where you got them and take a look at the Cellini Dual Time if a Rolex is a must for you in that box!

rolex-cellini-date-dual-time-ref50519-ref50525-8-.jpg rolex-cellini-date-dual-time-ref50519-ref50525-18-.jpg

I have to say that I was impressed when he put scarf of his love in the same box of his watches. But still not sure if the precious one was his watches or her scarf??

can-manay-saati-fi-ozan-gu-ven-6.jpg can-manay-saati-fi-ozan-gu-ven-5.jpg 

Can Manay’s Watch Box

Another thing which made me crazy to scream out was the “box”. It was really shame to all glory there. If I had a chance to step in, I would send somebody to bring a Buben&Zorweg to the set. What a pity to put all those timepieces to a regular box…

In the end, I am happy because finally it is understood by somebody how watches are indispensable part of men lives.  But once you recognize it you should do it correctly. Using “fake” watches is not a correct way.  We are always here, doing our best to improve knowledge and I want to remind our friends that we are always ready to guide everyone who needs help to widen their horizon.  Viva Horobox! I hope they won’t show us any fake watch again in the upcoming episodes.

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