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The Rise of the Independents


Are you tired of the watch brands that everyone knows, buys or desires? Do you want to enjoy being unique, extra ordinary and rare? Well, come on in.


Today, almost every mass-production watch is available upon paying a certain amount of money. Just like hundreds of thousands of customers like you. So, what do you do if you feel like you don’t belong there or if want swim against the tide to feel more special and to stand out from the majority?


Although the watchmaking industry is now largely reduced to the brand and material subtitles, a lucky minority is enjoying the luxury of dealing with the culture, tradition and fund of knowledge. If you want your next watch buying process not be limited by price and availability conditions, then I would like to invite you to discover the magical world of independent watch brands.

  • nomos-glashutte-tetra-nachtblau.jpg Nomos Tetra Neomatik Nachtblau
  • parmigiani-fleurier-kalpa-piccola.jpg Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa Piccola

Imagine a watch buying experience that you actually have the opportunity to have a dinner and chat with the designer/producer of your watch. You have the chance to learn the most important information about your hobby, which adds color to your life and embraces you with a great passion, firsthand. There are times that personalized details are added to your watch and even timepieces are designed only and exclusively for you. All those things that I am talking about and much more are possible in the magical world of independent watchmaking. In return, your passion, patience and money are required.


For me, collecting watches deserves respect only if it goes together with knowledge, manners and culture. I am happy when I see people who are really interested in this hobby that read research and learn against the people who are putting the latest models of brands preferred by everyone to their watch boxes solely with the power of their wealth. And one of the first things that I notice about those true watch enthusiasts is the value they give to the independent watchmaking.


Cases, dials, movements, straps and even presentation boxes produced with superior craftsmanship. Incredible attention paid to the details even on unseen parts. Design elements that can only be noticed under a microscope. Extremely low production quantities, expressed by hundreds or even tens. Sales that are clear of advertisement and marketing strategies, which become annoying after a certain point. Face-to-face contact for the ultimate customer satisfaction. The fact that you will probably never see someone else wearing the same watch with you. These are just a few of the pros that come to mind when it gets to independent watchmaking. Well, have those brands no cons at all? Of course there have. Months, even years of waiting lists. Inadequacies in sales and service. Price tags that are eye-wateringly expensive...

  • christophe-claret-maestro-mamba-.jpg Christophe Claret Maestro Mamba
  • laurent-ferrier-galet-.jpg Laurent Ferrier Galet

Upon considering all these pros and cons, I believe the current situation is still exciting. The increase in the number of conscious consumers helps the independent producers to announce their names more. More recognition brings more demand, but at the end of the day we are likely to encounter manufacturers who have to give up their independence. The most recent example was the F.P. Journe selling a large amount of its shares to the luxury consumption giant Chanel. We will see how other producers will be affected with this trend in the future.

  • f-p-journe-black-labef-p-journe-black-laber-collection-chronometre-souverain--collection-chronometre-souverain-.jpg F. P. Journe Black Label Collection Chronometre
  • h3829-chanel-j12-intense-black-watch-.jpg Chanel J12 Intense Black Watch

The Swiss watch industry is evolving in to a completely different direction with great speed. As a result of the rapid exchange of money, brands are forced to develop completely different sales strategies. On the other hand, with the increase of conscious customers, the search for more specific and unique products is increasing. At this point, independent brands are starting to close a big gap in the industry. If you have similar thoughts, you can begin to enjoy demanding the different ones and perhaps actually having them.


H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept

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