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The Ultimate Watch Picks For The Devoted Car Guys



It's a stubborn fact that men are interested about cars. From the very first toy car to our first automobile, I believe we all have unforgettable memories regarding this joyful ride.

Whether it's the exotic super cars or off-road vehicles challenging mother nature, not feeling happy about them is almost against our nature.

When it comes to men and their hobbies, it is inevitable to have an intersection of automobile and timepieces. Undoubtedly, one of very first samples regarding cars and watches relation is Paul Newman and his famous Rolex Daytona.


Being the ultimate holy grail timepiece for many watch collectors, Paul Newman Daytona's market price is accelarating like a sky rocket while the great actor's admirable life and unmatchable charm stands as a superior example for “ Cool Elegance “ life style.


I tried to pick the best choices for the major car loving guy types.. Here we go;

Every Type of Car Guy

The best choice for those men who live their passion for cars without having the boundaries like make/model/use/price is the Omega Seamaster Professional 300.


This successful version of the brand's mile stone product line of diver's watches Seamaster, Omega SMP300 is as versatile as the every type of car guy who feels the same fascination in every car.

Beside it's robust and sporty character, Omega SMP300 is a serious tool watch for divers with WR300M rating and Helium Release Valve. It's perfectly matching with every possible outfit apperance makes it the absolute watch for our car enthusiast here who feels the same passion and joy for either an old VW Golf GTI or a Mini Cooper S.


Classic Car Guy

If you own a true classic, then your watch has to be as timeless as your car.My humble advice on this classification is Cartier Santos XL100.


Bearing the title of being the world's first men's wrist watch Cartier Santos is an iconic design which managed to keep it's original DNA. While providing today's requirement with it's 44mm diameter case, Cartier Santos XL100 stands for the ultimate classic designed daily rocker watch.

Whether you drive a 1964 Ford Mustang or a 1989 Mercedes-Benz SL Class, you'll be an amazing couple with your Cartier Santos 100XL on your wrist.


RoadSter Car Guy

 The Roadster concept entered the world of automobiles with British origin two seater convertibles. Today it's still a very successfull segment which is continuously evolving with many different versions from major manufacturers.

The drive characteristics which makes the driver become complete with the road and the absolute feeling of freedom makes those cars objects of desire mainly for the young men. If you think you and your roadster go like coffee and cream, then your ideal watch is TAG Heuer Carrera. 


Designed by the legendary Jack Heuer in 60s who was known with his close relation to world of motorsports, still considered as the perfect sports chronograph watch among very strong rivals.

Bearing a wide range of products, the best roadster car guy model is definitely the Calibre 1887. Featuring the DNA of the design perfectly with it's elegant and sporty lines, Calbre 1887 also being highly praised due to it's resemblence to the original version.

While driving top down on your BMW Z4 on sunny Sunday noon after a cold winter, you will be amazed with absolute unison of your watch and your roadster just like a fashion shoot. 


Coupe Car Guy

 If you keep driving Coupes despite your life conditions and turn up your nose at many beatiful family sedans by simple saying “ too many doors man.. “ then, welcome to my world..


Just take a look at the Coupes models which have sedan or estate versions, you'll see they look best with less doors. It's a fact, Coupes look better than sedans, estates, hatchbacks etc.

Sometimes with their sleek designs, and wider windows or sometimes due to their exclusive look supported with the lacking rear doors Coupes makes their owners happy. Even family guys like me..


Luxury SUV Guy

If your choice for cars goes with the SUVs challenging the most extreme conditions like a survival tool, than your watch should bear the same vision as well. At this point, our best choice for the adventurous Luxury SUV driver comes from Rolex again -  DeepSea SeaDweller 116660.

With it's record WR rating close to 4000meters, DSSD, which stays at the top of the ultimate diver's watch list, feels just like the SUVs in the automobile world. Beside it's resemblance with the brand's legendary model Submariner, DSSD looks like the elder brother on steroids with it's 44mm diameter case and total weight of approx. 200 grams making it a perfect choice for the luxury SUV owners.


Just like a Range Rover Vogue representing you flawlessly on a luxury hotel's parking garage or in a sea of mud, DSSD will match with your wet suit or your Cornelliani suit with the same style and confidence. Whenever you look at that watch, you will always remember your 2500kgs mobile fortress at your garage.


Sedan Guy

Do you always find the BMW 5 Series GT disturbing or an outcome of messing with perfection..? Do you think about fitting your mother in law at the back seat when you come across to a sleek and stylish Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe and feel sad..? Well, you are a Sedan Guy.. Though it's not as classy or characteristic as the previous car types, there are many beautiful family sedans at the market. I present you the ultimate watch for the luxury sedan driver – Rolex DayDate 40mm.

Arguably the flagship of the entire product line, DayDate has a fascinating history. Worn by the national leaders and celebrities from art and sports society, DayDate has been spotted on the wrist of many well known and important figures. For the ones who are not really involved with Rolex may confuse it with the DateJust model as both watches feature similar appearance. However, a DayDate is quite different in many ways like material, caliber and the price tag.


Being offered in 18K gold or Platinum only, the product line had a recent face lift with the addition of a 40mm case series. All I can say upon seeing the pure harmony between the yellow gold and Champagne dial DD and the wooden trims and terracotta upholstery of Maserati Quatroporte is “ Oh, I'm not crying.. There's just a little bit of dust in my eye.. “


As I mentioned in the beginning of this not to be taken so seriously article, nice watches are a must for us like nice cars.. I wish you happy shopping for watches and cars..

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