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Top 5 Dive Watches for Summer of 2020

It is not yet clear whether we will dive into deep blue oceans or dreams in our homes this summer but neither case can prevent us, watch lovers, from choosing our next dive watch. Let's prepare ourselves for the beautiful scenario and take a look at the finest dive watches that will decorate our wrists in the scorching heat.

I found it appropriate to place a true price/performance monster at the top of the list. Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M. The version I opted for the list comes with a 42mm diameter stainless steel case as well as a white ceramic dial and a black ceramic insert bezel. As the ZrO2 suggests, it is very unlikely to encounter any signs of aging in the dial or the bezel over time. The extra scratch-resistant structure of the ceramic is another asset. If you ask why did you choose white, I can say that I wanted to get out of the blue and black domination. The wave pattern on the dial, identified with the Seamaster Professional series, is just another design-specific detail. With 300 meters of water resistance and a helium escape valve, you can be sure that the model can accompany you successfully while diving, yachting, swimming, or having dinner on the beach. Equipped with the manufacture automatic Caliber 8800, the model can be purchased with stainless steel bracelet or black rubber strap options. Despite all the technical advantages it offers, Seamaster Professional Diver is ranked first in the list with its relatively accessible price compared to its rivals.

210-30-42-20-04-001-omega-seamaster-diver-300m-omega-co-axial-master-chronometer-42-mm-1.jpg 210-30-42-20-04-001-omega-seamaster-diver-300m-omega-co-axial-master-chronometer-42-mm-2.jpg

In the second place, there is a model that will enter the market in August 2020. The Sharkhunter SUB300 Aqua Lung US Divers model from the brand Doxa, identified with the naval officer, ocean expert and film director Jacques-Yves Cousteau. If you are questioning why this watch is on the list instead of one of the classic steel case, orange dial Doxa models, I would like you to move away from traditionalism for a moment and give the cutting-edge technology a chance. The model comes with a forged carbon case measuring 42,5mm x 45mm x 13,4mm. The dial and the bezel of the model are also made of the same material with the case. The model is water-resistant to 300 meters. Considering the extraordinary lightness and durability properties of forged carbon, it is extremely easy to have an idea about the high performance offered by the watch. The model features a titanium case back, a sapphire crystal on the front and a black rubber strap. Powered by an ETA 2824-2 based C.O.S.C certified movement, the model is limited to a span of 300 units only, which could be its only drawback.


822-70-101aql-20-doxa-sub-300-carbon-aqua-lung-us-divers-2.jpg 822-70-101aql-20-doxa-sub-300-carbon-aqua-lung-us-divers-3.jpg

In the third place, is the timeless and marine-inspired Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronometer 44mm. Let's see what we have. A 44mm diameter titanium case that manages to be elegant as well despite all its highly advanced technical features, it does not compromise elegance, a sapphire crystal, 300 meters water resistance, a Sellita SW300-based, automatic movement and a rubber strap with titanium links as well as a folding clasp. Above all, it is a characteristic design that can be recognized instantly that comes with the superior Ulysse Nardin quality and brand prestige. What more could we ask for?


1183-170-3-92-ulysse-nardin-maxi-marine-diver-2-.jpg 1183-170-3-92-ulysse-nardin-maxi-marine-diver-3-.jpg

In the fourth place is the Longines Skin Diver, another price/performance marvel. With its history of nearly 200 years, Longines is known as one of the biggest players in the industry, which brought countless legendary models to the world of luxury watchmaking. The Skin Diver model also comes as the reproduction of a diver watch, which is of great importance for brand history. The classic lines of the model, which has a 42mm diameter stainless steel case, are enough to carry it beyond its competitors. The model, which has a sapphire crystal and a water resistance value of 300 meters, has both 'tropical' rubber and aged leather strap options. Equipped with automatic Caliber L888 based on ETA A31.L01, the model promises to provide its customers enjoyable moments by combining high technology with quality workmanship and blending it with classic lines. Moreover, it can offer all this with a much more accessible price tag than its competitors.


Since I find it appropriate to close our list with a model that stands out with diving functions rather than the watch feature, I put Suunto, one of the most successful brands that came out of Finland, Suunto D5. The model, which comes with a case made of composite material measuring 53mm x 53mm x 16.5mm, is water-resistant to 100 meters. Yes, it is a low figure compared to other watches on the list, but when you consider that many divers will not be able to dive to 100 meters in their lifetime, it isn’t truly a drawback in reality. The difference of the model with features such as alarm, compass, chronograph, and connected watch integration is that it can track the amount of air remaining in your tube via the communication module you will install in your diving tube. Thanks to the interchangeable straps, I can guarantee that you will get noticed under the sea as well as on the shore.


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