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Top Entrepreneur Brands and Their Creations


We have gathered together the most important entrepreneur brands who are looking for their place in the world of which is horology dominated by the big brands with their strong heritage and eye-catching designs.

Following the development of production technologies and the drop in costs, young entrepreneurs have also stepped into the watch industry with their courage and imagination. While the top brands with hundreds of years of history and glamorous models continue to operate aside, those new entrepreneurs brands, shown on the internet sites that support such initiatives, are also highly admired. 

Firms growing up with financial support from their followers in the course of establishment and development create such outstanding results which cannot be passed away without admiration. The success of the founders, who determine the amount of money required at the time of formation, depends entirely on the quality and authenticity of the work they do. This financial support is of course requited. Firms offer their first productions to those generous customers with small gifts or discounts that cannot be taken under normal conditions.

For you, we have compiled the most remarkable entrepreneur brands and their original products.


Montfort Watches

Located in Kickstarter, Montfort Watches is a newly established watch brand based in Nyon-Switzerland. The brand launched with a budget expectation of CHF 80,000. The sum of more than 2 times the amount of money needed saved weeks before the end of the campaign.


When you look at the designs of the brand created by Philippe Kuratle and Jeremie Senggen, which actually started on a bar table, it is possible to see inspiration of Gerald Genta as Jeremie is a watchmaker originally trained in Gerald Genta related brands. You can click on the link below for more detailed information about the model, including a case made of hardened stainless steel, a sapphire crystal glasses used on the front and rear sides and a Sellita SW200 self winding movement. 



CODE41, another Swiss entrepreneur, is a brand that has been operating in the sector for 15 years but has not yet been produced under its own name. The company, that undertakes the task of subcontractor for many known watch brands, has begun its first project with the support of its followers. Powered with the ETA 2824 and Miyota 82S7 movements, the Anomaly collection comes alive with its unique case and dial designs. Let me add that, CODE41 has not only saved the amount needed to start the production (80,000 CHF) but has exceeded 4 times the target, even though it is 18 days before the end of the campaign.


Xeric Soloscope Automatic

Xeric Soloscope Automatic is clearly my personal favorite among the timepieces I listed here. The Solocope model is not the San Francisco-based company’s first watchmaking initiative. In recent years, Xeriscope and Halograph models increased the recognition of the brand but its latest design surely opens a new page in terms of being unique. The most striking feature of the model, which will be produced with a limited number of 999 units only, is the double-balance hairspring and independent time display window, which can be watched from the upper side. The project has achieved such a great success that it has already gathered more than 10 times the budget targeted by Xeric. Those who already support the project are awarded with a 31% discount.



Minus-8 Diver

The Minus-8 Diver is a diver watch with a titanium case measuring 44mm x 14.3mm, a sapphire crystal, a helium valve, a water resistance rating of 300 meters and an automatic Seiko Caliber NE15 movement. 240 pieces of standard and 240 pieces of PVD coated titanium case / bracelet options will be offered to customers who pay within the campaign with a 30% discount and the timepieces will be delivered this month.


San Francisco origin manufacturer is close to double its financial goal. I would strongly recommend the Minus-8 Diver model, which I believe will definitely be in the top row in the price category due to the materials and movement being employed, to everyone who is looking for a proper dive watch with a budget price and unique design.


Undone The Urban Chronograph

Undone The Urban Chronograph is a Hong Kong based model that has succeeded in attracting attention with its design and price. The brand offers customization for every timepiece through its official web site, with 5 different case / dial configurations currently offered. The starting prices of the models that are powered with Seiko’s battery-powered movements are in the range of $ 100-150. The brand, which plans to make its first deliveries as of January 2017, is a manufacturer that definitely worth to be seen by the watch aficionados looking for an affordable timepiece with a retro spirit.


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