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Two New Radiomir Models by Officine Panerai

Italian origin Swiss watchmaker Panerai is getting back in all its glory with two new Radiomir models. PAM931 and PAM992 are two of the most accurate timepieces of the Panerai spirit lately.

  • pam00931-panerai-radiomir-california-47-mm-1.jpg PAM00931
  • pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-1.jpg PAM00992

Panerai Radiomir, which takes its name from the radioactive radium element that illuminates the dial and hands, is home to a legendary and horrifying story. It is impressive that the Panerai Radiomir watches, which were introduced to the service of the Italian Navy, are one of the soldiers’ greatest assistants during the operations. Unfortunately, since the deadly effects of radium back in the day were not known yet, women workers who apply radium to the dials and arms had died of cancer and bone disorders in the following years.

pam00931-panerai-radiomir-california-47-mm-5.jpg pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-6.jpg

Both models are extremely successful in expressing the Panerai DNA. PAM992 comes in a stainless steel case measuring 45mm x 14.25mm featuring a black dial with the “8 Giorni Brevettato” logo and blued hands. Equipped with a sapphire crystal, the model is water-resistant to 100 meters. PAM992 is powered by the manufacture hand-wound Caliber P.5000 with 8 days of power reserve. The model is offered on an aged-effect brown strap and is available at 8300 €.

pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-2.jpg pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-4.jpg

PAM931 features the “California” style dial, which was debuted with the Ref.3646 model in the 1930s. The model’s 47mm x 15.97mm stainless steel case is equipped with an aged-effect dial, hands, and strap that boosts the overall Retro appeal to the maximum. Equipped with a sapphire crystal, the model is water-resistant to 100 meters. PAM931 is powered by the manufacture hand-wound Caliber P.3000 with 72 hours of power reserve. The model is 8500 €.


pam00931-panerai-radiomir-california-47-mm-3.jpg pam00931-panerai-radiomir-california-47-mm-4.jpg

Personally speaking, I think PAM992 is the most beautiful Panerai ever. The elegance of the Radiomir case, the comfort of the 45mm, the simple yet functional Caliber P.5000 movement and other details make this watch the perfect Panerai for me.

pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-3.jpg pam00992-panerai-radiomir-8-days-45-mm-5.jpg

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