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Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X

The brands have the opportunity to share their long-term R & D work, new designs and movements with the watch enthusiasts thanks to the watch trade shows held every year. This year, all of the innovations coming from Ulysse Nardin at SIHH 2019 are named as “model X”. Here we are with the Skeleton X model, which was introduced hours before the opening of the exhibition.


The Skeleton X comes in four different versions. Models with a 42mm case diameter offer a waterproof value of 50 meters. If you need to examine the models further, the most remarkable one is the Skeleton X Carbanium (Ref. 3715-260/CARB) model, which uses the patented Carbanium and gold material. The other models are the Skeleton X Rose Gold (Ref. 3716-260/03) with gold and titanium,  Skeleton X Ti Black (Ref. 3713-260-3/BLACK) with titanium DLC coating and Skeleton X Ti / Blue (Ref. 3713-260-3/03) with titanium.

3713-260-3-black-ulysse-nardin-executive-skeleton-x.jpg 3715-260-carb-ulysse-nardin-executive-skeleton-x.jpg

In all versions, the choice of matt surface form has widened the usage area of watches. While they can match with suits with their skeleton design they are also perfect for weekends and casual wear (especially Skeleton X Ti Black) with that matt surface.

On the dial of the model, a design has been chosen to refer to the brand’s 2019 motto X. In the meantime, the letter X comes from X-Ray. In some cases, brands may prefer to store details such as screws, bridges and ports on the watch. In these models, UN has adopted a design concept that makes even the smallest details visible. Of course, as a result of this situation, labor had to be kept at a high level.


At the heart of the models tare the Caliber UN-371 movement. The hand-wound movement offers a 3-day power reserve when fully wound. The 3Hz silicon balance wheel and the gear-train are more resistant to the magnetic fields and impacts. Thanks to the skeleton form, even the smallest movement of the mechanism, including the silicium material at 6 o’clock, can be observed.

Skeleton X model is offered with calf and alligator straps as well rubber cords depending on the version. Buckles are in line with the case material. Offering a three-point connection, the lug design provides an integrated look.

3713-260-3-03-ulysse-nardin-executive-skeleton-x.jpg 3716-260-03-ulysse-nardin-executive-skeleton-x.jpg

I believe the new  collection, which will be available with a starting MSRP of 17,500 USD, will be one of the brand’s most successful model families after the Maxi Marine collection.

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