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Up Coming Rolex Models


Combining highest technologies with innovative and timeless designs, Rolex keeps investing on R&D activities.

Creating the path for the watch industry with it’s hundreds of patents, the brand increases the number of it’s inventions regularly.

Generally it takes about a few years for a patented invention to be applied to mass production. Therefore what we see as new is more likely an outcome of a project started years ago. In this regard, we look at the recently taken patents to have a forecast about the up coming Rolex models in the near future.

What we see on the papers reveals that there is a new caliber ( and a dial actually ) being prepared for different time zone monitoring. The watch will switch between the time zones thru a push button and read the time difference between the selected and home time zone.

The patent’s registration date reads 2014 therefore, we may expect an upgraded GMT Master type watch from Rolex within a few years.

rolex-patent-1.jpg rolex-patent-2.jpg

Another patent dated 2015 shown below speaks about a brand new case and bezel design.The Yacht Master II launced at 2007 was the first Rolex having a bezel controlling function. Within this new design, all functions ( even winding ) can be operated through the bezel. We are looking forward to see that watch.

rolex-patent-3.jpg rolex-patent-4.jpg

New clasp designs are coming. For the current models, all bracelets employ one side opening type clasps. With this new design, double side opening clasps will be added to the collection. However, it’s a mystery that whether this new clasp will be applied to current models or be launched on a new model.

 rolex-patent-5.jpg rolex-patent-6.jpg

Calibers are evolving as well. Rolex is determined to refine it’s calibers which are already benchmarks for precision and durability.

When we look thru the patent files, we see that the revisions will cover titles like better shock absorbing systems, more precise time keeping performance abilities, micro engineering methods for manufacturing parts and metallurgical studies regarding new alloys.

rolex-patent-7.jpg rolex-patent-8.jpg 

rolex-patent-9.jpg rolex-patent-10.jpg

 This patent file of May 2015 includes a new design featuring double balance spring caliber. Double balance springs work in an integrated design allowing them to check each others  alternation and keep the time keeping at the most ideal level.It will surely be a big move for both Rolex and the others if the project gets in to production.

rolex-patent-11.jpg rolex-patent-12.jpg 

We are going to meet new types of ceramic and chemicals. Apperantly Rolex engineers are doing their utmost to get better results for durability and aesthetical/mechanical balance. Referring to the patent documents, it is easy to forecast that the use of ceramic will expand drastically. Most possibly 116719 BLRO and 116710 BLNR type double color ceramic inserts will be applied to the other models with a wider selection of colors in the near future.

The documents also mentions ceramic to be applied different parts of the watches along the bezels/inserts.We also see that Rolex is still working to get better than it’s current luminous material. We believe up coming Rolexes will look better than ever at dark. 


rolex-patent-13.jpg rolex-patent-15.jpg


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