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Vacheron Constantin Double-Faced Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600


Vacheron Constantin, considered one of the most important of the high-end industry-leading brands, marked the opening of SIHH 2017 with its “unique” Double-Faced Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600 model which features 23 different complications.

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The SIHH 2017 fair, which opened its doors for the first time this season, is hosting one of the most important openings in the history of the organization with the Vacheron Constantin Double-Faced Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600 model, bearing 23 different complications under the same roof.


The unique model features jaw dropping complications as well as a variety of high-technology innovations.


Behind the new model, designed by the Les Cabinotiers department, which operates under the Vacheron Constantin roof and is known for giving life to the most exclusive models of the brand, lies a five-year R&D period. The model collects 23 complications: from a sky chart, to a tide level indicator, and deserves the title "unique" with its six barrels that provide a power reserve of 3 weeks, which is, a full 504 hours.


The Celestia model is powered with the Caliber Ref. 3600. The movement has a thickness of 8.7mm which can be considered quite reasonable when considering the features it carries, and also has a wide working area with a diameter of 36mm. Equipped with admirable technical and visual features, the new model sports pretty interesting complications, which was mostly featured in the ultra-complication pocket watch by Vacheron Constantin: Ref.57260.


The complications that work in the mechanic of the mechanics are covered in three main headings: normal, sun and star time. Normally, the model is always displayed on a standard dial with a 24-hour display on the front of the watch.

The complications featured in the new model are classified under three main types: civil, solar, and sidereal time. The civil and solar time functions are shown on the front side of the watch while the sidereal time is displayed at the back side.

The solar time read by a pink gold pointer makes it possible to trace the "equation of time" feature, which varies in the -16 / +14 minutes tolerance.


Besides the time displays, there are other complications displayed on the front side, like a perpetual calendar, a tide levels indicator at 11 o’clock, sunrise and sunset times present at 5 and 7 o’clock, and an indicator for the zodiac signs, seasons, solstices and equinoxes located at 4 o’clock position.


The features located at the rear of the watch also provide just as important details as those on the front. The rear display is located on a pair of sapphire discs. On the outer side of the rear screen, which has a night view of the sky seen from the Northern Hemisphere, there is a power reserve indicator as well as month and year indicators. Thanks to the star scheme on these two discs, the Earth’s rotation relative to the stars can be observed.


The Caliber Ref. The 3600 gets the energy it needs from six barrels. The movement capable of providing a power reserve of 21 days can be seen partly through the sapphire crystal display in the caseback. The movement features a light (icy) colored rhodium coating and clear jewels instead of rubies.


Made of 18K white gold, the case measured 45mm in diameter and 13.6mm in height.

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