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Watch Talk With Zafer Soğancıoğlu


In this episode of Horobox TV, we had a pleasant chat with our dear watch enthusiast friend Zafer Soğancıoğlu. Here you go with our enjoyable interview that took place at the historical Sirkeci (Istanbul) boutique of Tevfik Aydın – one of the first chain stores that come to mind when it gets to luxury watch shopping in Turkey.

Zafer Soğancıoğlu is a devoted watch enthusiast with a strong passion for mechanical watches since his childhood. Soğancıoğlu’s interest in watches begins with a hand-wound Vialux alarm watch that belonged to his father. This interesting watch, which witnessed many happy times with its characteristic alarm tone, is still a member of Soğancıoğlu’s collection.

Besides being used several models from different brands, Soğancıoğlu is a loyal fan of MeisterSinger a German brand known with its single hand regulator timepieces. During our interview, we talked about his passion for MeisterSinger and the reasons behind it.

We also asked him why Tevfik Aydın is the best spot for luxury watch shopping in Turkey during our pleasant talk took place at the at the historical Sirkeci (Istanbul) boutique of Tevfik Aydın.

We would like to thank Mr. Zafer Soğancıoğlu for answering our questions sincerely and Tevfik Aydın family for their utmost hospitality and support.

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