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Why Is Everyone After Diving Watches?

Diver watches are one of the most preferred watch types in today's watch world. So why?

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Diver watches entered our lives in the 1950s with the duo of Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Offering high water resistance and durability beyond the standards of the period, the major difference between these watches was that they had bezels that were divided into 60-minute indices and could only rotate counterclockwise. Before diving, the diver rotated the bezel to align the zero point and the tip of the minute hand. When the dive started, the minute hand, which was already advancing, was starting to show the minute indices on the bezel one by one. In this way, the diver could tell with a glance how many minutes he had spent underwater. The bezel had to rotate to adjust. The fact that it was designed to rotate in one direction was a safety precaution. If the bezel accidentally spun clockwise underwater, the diver would have thought it had been underwater for less than the time it actually took, causing the tube to run out of air earlier than expected. Of course, this function became unnecessary with the production of diving-capable electronic equipment. On the other hand, diver models continued to increase in popularity in the watch world.

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The point where diver watches have reached today marks the result of a research and development adventure of nearly 70 years. Today, we reach products and services that have endurance levels far beyond the physically demanding conditions of our simple lives. Diver watches are one of the best examples of these products. Today, we are together with thousands of watch lovers who are afraid to even wash the watch with the thought that it may be damaged, let alone diving deep with them. We love this beyond-need engineering. We want to feel the power at our fingertips and to know that we can use it without hesitation if we need it one day.

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Today, diver's watches give their most important test of endurance on the wrists of white-collar workers. Their clasps get scratches and that’s all. Bezels that can rotate in one direction do not go beyond being a stress wheel in modern city life. Nevertheless, the originality of design and the extraordinary appearance of diver watches are enough for almost every watch lover to approach this category with sympathy. Who knows, maybe you'll use the diving peas when you're boiling eggs. In addition, making a simple, three-hand look much more technical and sportier is just one of the pluses that the diving bezel adds to the category.


The main reason is definitely usability. The diver's watch can be read in all conditions, and more importantly, it can accompany you in all conditions. Today, you can wear a diving watch with either a swimsuit or a tuxedo. Whatever your dressing style, a diver's watch will be your most important complement. As a matter of fact, I can't think of another watch type that gives this usefulness. So, what do you think?

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