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WitchWatch Montblanc Choices – PART II


Are you one of those who have difficulty choosing gifts like me? Then let’s take a look at Montblanc, which makes our gift issue easier. I made very good choices for both women and men.

montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-1.jpg montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-2.jpg

You will see a number of options such as a pen, notebook, pen pouch, portfolio, wallet, and so on that would change the opinion of the ones who doesn’t like anything as a set. My choice is the Black Mystery fountain pen from the Starwalker series and the black leather pen pouch.

There is also a brown pouch option for the pen series in white, but you will have to go to the boutique to see it. The cufflinks that I found matching for the Timewalker Twinfly watch are from the Contemporary Collection.

montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-3.jpg montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-4.jpg

I will get back to the watches and pens but let me give you gentlemen a hint for buying presents for women. Like some accessories which were caught by my eyes. Better to say, the ones that I could not take my eyes off.

The first two are floral designed bracelet and ring featuring the iconic symbol of Montblanc. The bracelet is the Star Signet model from the Star Collection. The other two are a Silver Sparks necklace and a ring again from the Star Collection. Both are simple, elegant and remarkable.


montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-5.jpg montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-6.jpg

As we get back to the watches there is a travel clock which will always remind you and amongst others there is the Ariane bracelet from my favorite gem-set Preuves D’Amour Collection. The pale pink pencil is again from the Princesse Grace de Monaco Collection.


montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-8.jpg montblanc-zorluavm-rotap-saat-9.jpg

Montblanc is full of alternatives for women and men seeking elegance. I would advise you to visit the brand’s boutique which I am sure you will find more than what got my attention. There is no doubt that it will be one of the first addresses you will stop by when you want to get a gift that will always remind you.

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