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Zenith Watchmaker - Birgül ÇELEBİ


I met Mrs. Birgül ÇELEBİ at the celebration event of Zenith’s 150th anniversary that took place in Istanbul. I was happy to have the chance to speak to a watch-maker face to face and ask a few questions about the secrets of watch making. Her passion, talent and knowledge is more than I can fit into this page but I found her story as a lady being interested into mechanical watches and building a carrier on watches quite interesting; so gathered some of my notes from our short conversation.


-               When did your interest started for watches?

I began taking an interest in watches during my last year of secondary school. I realized via the watch making studies in which my close friends were enrolled this profession was definitely for me, because it implies a love of meticulous and rigorous mechanics.

-               Could you tell us about the watch making schools and watch making carriers in Switzerland?

To work in the watch industry today you need to have the appropriate vocational training, starting by earning a CFC (Certificat Fédéral de Capacité), which entitles you to start working directly for a watch company or to continue studying for the diplôme supérieur d’horlogerie. This industry offers fine prospects provided you are disciplined, motivated, and methodical and want to develop in order to carve out a good career.

-               When did your path crossed with Zenith?

My adventure with Zenith began in March 2011, when I was hired as a watchmaker-corrector in T2.

-               Which department are you working? What are the fun parts and hard parts of being a watchmaker?

I now hold the position of watchmaker in the Haute Horlogerie department. The pleasure you get from this work is when you finish assembling a watch and it runs perfectly, although it’s more stressful when you come up against problems during the assembly process that prevent such smooth operation.

It was great talking with you Mrs. ÇELEBİ. I wish you success in your career and I would like to sincerely thank to the Konyalı Saat and Zenith family for the opportunity to interact with such a skilled watch-maker like you.

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