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A Panerai for the Paneristi - PAM01080

Committed to its heritage as well as its fan base, Panerai makes a Paneristi dream come true.


No watch brand’s fans in the world can be as loyal and enthusiastic as the Paneristi. Let this “like a family” kind of loyalty be the subject of another article, Panerai has never been indifferent to this interest. Panerai enthusiasts meet every year in various parts of the world, organize special events and increase in number every day. It is more than a wristwatch that interconnects them with such a strong bond of friendship.


Panerai is one of the brands that draws attention with its original and simple designs as well as its long history. Being able to market an 80-year-old design through a modern interpretation today cannot go beyond a dream for many watchmakers. Behind this success, of course, a fan base like Paneristi has a big share. Mutual feelings are sometimes replaced by eye-catching gestures, and the brand designs limited production watches dedicated to enthusiasts. Starting with PAM195 and continuing with PAM360, PAM532, PAM634 and finally PAM911, Paneristi's exclusive Panerai hype, with its latest version, not only impressed Paneristi but also all watch enthusiasts.


PAM1080 is more like a remake of the legendary Ref. 6152-1 Luminor model. In this timepiece, the brand has introduced design elements that it has not used in any standard production model. Produced in 47mm diameter brushed stainless steel, the case is inspired by the PAM372, which has made a big impression when it was introduced. When you first look at the case and the dial, it is quite similar to the legendary PAM127 ‘Fiddy’, but there are many differences. Sapphire crystal is not dished but designed to stand up from the bezel like PAM372. The hands and small seconds display over the brown dial are made of gold. The 9 o’clock marker and the small seconds counter are used together, which offers a balanced overall look. The case back is solid with exclusive embroidery/inscriptions on it.


At the heart of the watch is the manufacture Caliber P.3000, which has proven itself over the years. The 36.6mm diameter movement has 21 jewels, operates at 21600vph and has a power reserve of 72 hours.


One of the indispensable details for Panerai is, of course, its straps. The watch comes with a 26mm x 26mm wide calf leather strap.


Isn't there anything wrong with this watch? Unfortunately, there is… You can't buy one. Only German-speaking Paneristi (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) were able to buy the model, which was limited to 60. Needless to say, all the watches are already sold.

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