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A Woman’s Touch to Horology - Eva Leube

It is interesting that the number of men working in the watchmaking industry, where fine craftsmanship is significantly important, is so high compared to women. Male dominance must have also touched the world of watches, as we encounter a world where mostly men take part, especially during the establishment and management of brands. In addition, thousands of female employees continue to keep the elegant spirit of mechanical watchmaking alive with their delicate touch. At this very moment, a woman watchmaker from Germany is rolling up her sleeves to change the game. 


Eva Leube was born in Berlin in 1972. She started to study watchmaking at the age of 16. At the age of 23, she graduated from school in Hildesheim, Germany, by completing her master's degree. In the following years, Eva worked as a watchmaker in many countries including Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, the USA, and Australia. Meanwhile, she restored countless wrist and pocket watches as well as desk clocks. Eva Leube has been trained and worked at Rolex in Switzerland for six years. She then continues to work at Rolex service centers in Cape Town and Sydney.


Eva Leube, a master watchmaker, returned to Switzerland in 2004 and started working at Ulysse Nardin. After two years at Ulysse Nardin, she designed multi-axle tourbillon calibers with retrograde instruments together with independent watchmaker Thomas Prescher. Returning to Australia to spend more time with his family after 13 years in watchmaking, Leube came to Baselworld again in 2011 and this time set out to realize her dream in the heart of watchmaking.


Eva Leube says her dream is to produce a watch that curves around the wrist with the grace of a jewel, forms a gentle curve with the contours of its case, and comes to life with a meticulously designed movement. “Ari”, whose development and production process took four years, appears as the realization of Eva Leube's dream. Surprisingly complex and yet so eye-catching...


Ari is powered by a movement with a curved design, placed throughout the case, which follows the curved form of the wrist. The beveled form of the case, sapphire crystal, movement, and case back reflect Eva Leube's innovative vision. There is extraordinary craftsmanship in every detail of the watch, which features flame-blued hands.


The movement, which stands out with its unique architecture, consists of a balance wheel positioned from top to bottom, a small seconds hand, a set of hour and minute hands, as well as a mainspring and crown wheel designed by Eva Leube. To enjoy the curved form of the case and the movement, there are also windows made of sapphire crystal on the sides of the case.


Ari is a custom-made watch. Eva Leube offers platinum and 18K gold options for this model. The dial, or rather the metal plates that hold the movement together, is also produced from gold. The case measures 52.44mm x 21.6mm x 8.45mm.


The 18 jewels/209-piece hand-wound movement with a 15mm diameter balance spring beats at a frequency of 18000vph and offers 40 hours of power reserve when fully wound. For the gear set, the Caliber Record 302 was taken as the basis and subjected to a high degree of modification. John W. Thompson supports Leube in the processing of the movement.

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Those who want to own the watch should contact Eva Leube directly in Zurich. Thus, the potential user can have the privilege of exchanging ideas directly with the manufacturer for possible customizations. To have this special watch, you need a budget of over 100,000 EUR and the time she needs to produce the watch for you.

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