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Apple Watch Series 5

The most exciting development of the connected watch world has taken place. The new Apple Watch Series 5 is available to watch lovers with many improvements and updates.


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the introduction of the first Apple Watch. I clearly remember what was spoken before and after the launch. Various comments were made for the effects of Apple’s entry into the (connected) watch world.

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Apple Watch has become an undisputed success story. The simple design language, superior hardware/software features and, of course, the brand factor have been enough to make Apple’s connected watch the industry leader. When we look at the sales that combine connected watches and sports bracelets, we see that Apple is the most successful brand. The ranking continues in the order of FitBit and Samsung.

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I think the most interesting part is the prestige associated with Apple’s brand value and quality perception. Today you can see any brand-independent luxury mechanical watch user while sympathizing and even using the Apple Watch. The person that wears his/her top figure luxury watch during the night, does not hesitate to use Apple Watch in everyday activities due to being more convenient and practical.


What’s new in the Apple Watch Series 5?

The first and greatest innovation is the “Always-On” display. The screen, which is dimmed when the wrist is out of sight, saves battery power, while the user can achieve maximum visibility brightness at any time. For the battery life, Apple says it’s good for a day easily. The new model with the WatchOs6 operating system also has new watch interfaces.

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Apple cares more about your health than you do. The watch, which can take your ECG, is capable of sending an emergency signal to healthcare units independent of the user in a possible emergency. If the noise level in the environment exceeds dangerous levels for your health, the watch will notify you again. I don’t even need to mention the ability to follow all known sports activities and assist you. Numerous applications available through AppStore allow you to see almost everything you need on your watch. The watch features money payment, smart home control, phone calls (on a cellular data-connected model), personal assistance with Siri, and much more.


For the first time, the Apple Watch Series 5 seems to have gained the choice of titanium along with white ceramic, as well as the usual steel and aluminum case options. There’s no doubt that you’ll find a harmonious combination with the aforementioned cases among the numerous strap options including Hermes leather.

Apple-Watch-Series-5-5.jpg Apple-Watch-Series-5-10.jpg

The prices start at $ 399 for the standard GPS and $ 499 for the cellular data connection. Steel cases start at $ 699 and titanium cases start at $ 799. Finally, the initial price of the white ceramic version was announced at $ 1299.


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