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Aventi AH15 Saphite™ Paraiba Tourbillon Sold at a Record Price!

AH15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba, a groundbreaking timepiece by Aventi, one of the exotic names of watchmaking, met its lucky owner with a record price at the auction organized by the famous auction house Sotheby's. 


Introduced by the boutique brand in 2022,  Aventi AH15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba Tourbillon successfully represented the innovative aspect of horology with its contemporary design, patented materials, and cutting-edge technology, while being highly appreciated by the authorities.


Aventi AH15 Wraith Sapphite™ Paraiba Tourbillon started at a base valuation of USD 25,000 and, went as high as 70,000 - almost three times the minimum lot price, against a maximum valuation of USD 50,000, in the auction organized by Sotheby, where more than 150 lots were listed.

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Contrary to the Hype models, which are fueled by investment expectations and guided by commercial concerns, the fact that such innovative models attract such attention at auctions organized by world-famous auction houses is a meaningful development that reminds us once again of the existence of true horology enthusiasts.

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Let's look at all the details of the Aventi AH15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba Tourbillon model, which we plan to host on Horobox TV with a video review soon.

Exotic watches, whose popularity is increasing rapidly with the effect of watch enthusiasts who are burning with the desire to "be different" as well as the developing technology, today constitute the rarest and highest priced product group in the industry. Among this interesting segment, there are well-established names that do not hesitate to use their experience and knowledge in this field, as well as young brands created by the genius and entrepreneurial minds. Aventi is one of these brands…

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Behind the brand, which was founded in 2020, is Hannu Siren, a young business person. The brand, which has made a place among exotic watches with models such as the A-10 and A-13, is once again meeting watch enthusiasts with its new model.

Inspired by the multifaceted and futuristic designs of super sports cars, Aventi brings a refined example of this concept to life with its new model AH15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba.


Let's take a closer look at this new model, which resembles super sports cars not only in terms of design but also in terms of material and technology.


The new model comes with a massive case that measures 44mm x 49mm x 14.5mm and is almost impossible to hide from the eyes with its bold design. The brand's patented alloy SapphiteTM is used as the case material. Putting angular lines at the center of its design language, Aventi sports 124 edges and 92 facets in the case it has developed for its new model. If we put this design, which seems impossible to produce on paper, into practice, we think it would be appropriate to say "Imagine you are carrying a giant diamond on your wrist".

aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-2.jpg aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-1.jpg

An intensive production process consisting of different stages is followed to create this incredible case. In the first part, the brand-patented SapphiteTM material is obtained. The alloy is prepared by melting different elements found in nature in an industrial furnace. After the four-week curing process, the second part, the material becoming workable, begins. The crystalline material is cut with an electroerosion machine in sizes suitable for case making. In the third part, a 5-axis CNC machine using 6 different diamond tips comes into play to reveal the outline of the case. The case, which is processed with a tolerance of 0.01mm, is polished by hand in the 4th stage and becomes its final form. 9 steel screws are used to assemble the case.

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The angular and diamond-looking design language that dominates the entire model continues on the dial as well. The dial, which consists of black and silver components in harmony with the blue tone of the SaphiteTM material that makes up the case, brings the model's modern and extraordinary design to the fore. At the 6 o'clock position of the dial, there is the Tourbillon escapement.

aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-18.jpg aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-19.jpg

Inside the new model is the movement that the brand calls Caliber GT-01S. It is enough to read the technical details of the movement to understand that the brand continues the care it has shown in designing and producing the case in the movement section as well.

aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-20.jpg aventi-a15-wraith-saphite-paraiba-tourbillon-21.jpg


The tourbillon escapement movement is produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland. Measuring 31.8mm x 6.5mm, the movement consists of 68 parts in total. The main plate, machined in partnership with TEC Ebauches, is made of Grade 5 ultra-light titanium alloy. While perlage is applied to the surface of the main plate, all the edges of the movement are manually chamfered and beveled. The assembly phase was completed in La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland. The movement, which operates at a frequency of 3Hz (21,600vph), offers a power reserve of 4 days/105 hours when fully wound. The movement provides shock resistance up to 5000 G and is not affected by magnetic environments up to 2000 Gauss.

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