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Battle Of Three Rolex Divers


Battle Of Three Rolex Divers

We have the world’s first official diver’s watch which is well known for its unbeatable versatility and it’s legendary design Submariner ( Ref. 116610 LN ), it’s big brother with better professional requirement compatibility rate and almost the same comfort and cool looks Sea Dweller 4000 ( Ref.116600 ) and the last but the most with several titles the mighty Deep Sea Sea Dweller ( Ref. 116660 ) practically bending the limits.


It was 2010 when Rolex launched its renovated version of its living legend Submariner 116610 LN in stainless steel. That was exactly two years after the first revised Submariner released in all gold form.

2008 was an important year for Rolex in many ways. The new Submariner was one of them. The second was the release of a brand new diver’s watch with highest tech specs featuring an insane depth rating as 3900M – Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

The arrival of the new watch was a great success for the brand. It was actually a quite surprising move as the watch had 44mm case diameter ( due to its massive depth rate ) which was a pretty big watch within Rolex standards.

Though both watches did very good with sales, Rolex did not block its ears to the fact that a model in the middle of two divers was required. In order to fill the gap, Rolex launched a renovated version of its iconic tool watch – Sea Dweller 4000.

For the un-trained eye, both watches look pretty much the same. However, they are quite different in detail and wrist presence.

What do we got in common with these three dive watches from Rolex..? Let’s see;

Both watches have 904 grade stainless steel cases and bracelets. They all have corundum ( synthetic sapphire ) crystals without AR coating ( this info excludes the magnifier cyclops of Submariner ). All watches has the tested, approved but still being refined caliber of the brand 3135 beating inside. COSC caliber beats at 28800vph with a 50h power reserve when fully wound.

Though the standard for COSC states the variation as -4 to +6 seconds per day, the watches did not get more than +2 to -1 seconds per day rate. Both watches has Rolex patented Chromalight for luminosity with blue color.


Now we get to the differences;

First the watches have totally different measurements. The case diameter of the Submariner and Sea Dweller may be the same but in looks Sea Dweller seems a tad smaller than the Submariner due to its relatively shorter lugs. Additionally the crown guards of Sea Dweller are thinner than Submariner.

Deep Sea is a different story of its own with its massive size at 44mm creating a bold and tough wrist presence.

Submariner is rated as the thinner member at 13mm which is a well engineered figure to get 300M depth rate. Sea Dweller gets the second place with a thickness of 15.5mm which provides an amazing depth rating of 1220M with a 2.5mm difference with Submariner. Deep Sea gets the first place here with its 17.7mm thickness. It was not a surprising figure considering the 3900M depth rate.



The crystals are different too. Submariner has a flat crystal almost flushes the bezel level excluding the 2.5X magnifying cyclops. Sea Dweller’s crystal is thicker than Submariner’s and it sits over the bezel level with slightly rounded side ring. Deep Sea’s crystal is designed pretty unique. With its domed form the crystal creates a magnifying glass effect over the dial. Beside its aesthetic trick, the crystal is designed that way to keep with 3900M depth rate.

The dials vary in different forms. Submariner has a glossy dial. On the other hand, Deep Sea and Sea Dweller 4000 have matt black dials.


The case back designs are pretty related to depth ratings. Submariner features a flat and un-engraved case back with moderate thickness. Sea Dweller has a slightly thicker case back with engravings at the outer ring. Deep Sea has a very thick case back with Grade 5 titanium placed within a 904 grade stainless steel ring to ensure the durability of the watch under 3900M pressure.


The bezel inserts are made of Rolex patented ceramic – Cerachrome.

Submariner’s minute counters on the bezel have one minute intervals for the first 15mins. Then the indication moves in 5min intervals. The other two watches have one minute intervals along the bezel insert with slightly longer markers for the first 15mins.

Being officially stated as professional dive watches, both Rolexes go through several tests with quite difficult tasks. All watches has to be +25% more water resistant than what states on their spec’s sheets. Practically Submariner has 375M, Sea Dweller has 1525M and Deep Sea has 4875M depth rating qualified. While being not really necessary for the WR300M Submariner, Sea Dweller and Deep Sea requires automatic Helium Release Valves in order to survive after saturated dives.


The watches have different wearing comfort and wrist presence.

Submariner rates as the most comfortable of all with its 155grams total weight. Sea Dweller features more wrist presence with its slightly heavier structure at 165grams and thicker crystal while giving optimum comfort. Deep Sea wears quite comfortably considering its massive dimensions and 215grams net weight.

deepseaseadweller_submariner_seadweller_20.jpg deepseaseadweller_submariner_seadweller_5.jpg deepseaseadweller_submariner_seadweller_18.jpg

Submariner’s and Sea Dweller’s bracelet starts with 20mm lug size and tapers to 16mm at the clasp. Deep Sea on the other hand starts with 21mm lug size which suits better with 44mm diameter case.

All three watches have easy adjustment features on the clasps however Deep Sea gets the most credit here with its unique adjustment style provides faster and more practical adjustment.

 Sea Dweller and Deep Sea also features a three piece diving extension link. With its 1,5 x link length the extension may cause discomfort to users due to its length and non-flexing design.



The unit prices of the watches differ in positive ratio to the depth rates. MSRP of the watches are Submariner 7550 EUR, Sea Dweller 9200 EUR and Deep Sea 10600 EUR.

We are pretty sure that the deal maker parameter for these three watches is the personal taste as both models provide more than average quality along cool looks.

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