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Bomberg Bolt 1968 Black Yellow Quartz Chronograph


This time we analyze a timepiece from the “1968” series manufactured by Bomberg, a newcomer to the World of Watches with ambitions to stand out of the crowd, with its unorthodox designs. Bomberg’s extraordinary advertising campaign caught the attention of many watch lovers, especially from the younger generations, who are just about to explore the world of watches. 


Our first impressions about the Bomberg 1968 series is that it offers extremely high quality.

As emphasized also in their advertising, the watch is manufactured using Cast Iron technology, which allows it to provide the case with touches you would never expect looking at its pricetag. 


Bomberg 1968 has two other features separating it from the other products of the brand and in general from other designs on the market.

The first one is that the time-keeping module can be detached from its base thus it can be used as a pocket watch.


Of course it is disputable how useful this design is for daily users but for us it is a very characteristic and iconic feature giving the watch a unique edge.

The stylish chain, that comes with the timepiece will make a really modern pocket watch out of the Bomberg 1968 and we are quite sure that there will be a number of users wearing the watch this way.

0_bom_DSC5635.jpg 0_bom_DSC5564.jpg

The other very important detail is that the crown and the chronograph buttons are positioned on 11, 12 and 1 o’clock.


The concept called “Bull Head” was a rather popular case design in the late 60’s.

The momentum of this configuration lasted until the mid 70’s and the reason for it was to make the chronograph functions available while holding the steering wheel.

0_bom_DSC5615.jpg 0_bom_DSC5650.jpg

Lovers of vintage watches especially, will remember the evergreen models of Seiko and Citizen equipped with the Bull Head concept that Bomberg revived. This model shows real compatibility with its retro yet sportive look. 


In spite of the case measuring at 44mm, the Bomberg 1968 is very well designed and provides an extremely ergonomic use. The strap’s width and the curvature of the case allows this timepiece to fit your wrist perfectly and provides it with serious comfort.

Due to the black PVD coating and more or less dark appearance of this watch, it looks slightly smaller than it is. The yellow and white details on the dial, and the black leather strap with perforated holes and yellow stitching are keeping the Bomberg 1968 far away from being a dull watch. Even while sitting on the wrist the crown and the chronograph buttons can be used easily. The start and stop buttons are colored in yellow to contribute to practicality and of course appearance.  


Despite of its complicated design the dial is elaborated very well, so that reading the time will not be difficult. Until you are used to it, you might face some difficulties finding the date window on the dial. Here we would like to indicate: with such a tastefully designed dial, it is in our opinion worth the search.

The chronograph models of this series are equipped with the Miyota OS11 movement. This bi-compax styled caliber completes the retro look of the watch.

The black PVD coated buckle fits very well to the case.


Details regarding features of the watch are engraved on the stainless steel caseback.


For the time being there is no mechanical chronograph version of the Bomberg 1968 but if in the future there will be one produced with a Valjoux 775X base we are sure, that this timepiece will have an even bigger success.

Perhaps we should bring up that the use of a mineral glass instead of sapphire for this model seems a bit weak, however water resistance up to a 100 meters is quite enough for daily use.

The use of an anti-reflecting sapphire glass would grant the watch an even sharper look.

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