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Breitling Tourbillon Clock For Bentley Bentayga


Recently, one of the most prestigious automotive brands of UK -Bentley- introduced it’s very new SUV: Bentayga.

Entering the highly praised SUV market through it’s peak point, Bentayga aims to be the most prestigious and comfortable SUV with the highest performance. As per brands history and current positioning in the market, mission seems to be accomplished already.


With it’s bi-turbo and 6lt V12 engine, Bentayga produces 600HP and 900Nm torque making the vehicle accelerate from 0-100kms in 4.1 seconds. The top speed is 301kmh.

Compared to it’s massive size and weight, Bentayga offers a breath taking power with a surprisingly fuel efficient manner at 12.8lt/100km.


Quite expected with a Bentley, sky is the limit for luxurious options. Almost everything on the vehicle can be custom ordered. However, there’s one option on the long list gets the most attention.


Bentley and Breitling are long time partners. Most Bentley’s feature a Breitling clock on their dashes. On the other side, Breitling offers different watches bearing the name Bentley as limited and special edition models.

This time Breitling and Bentley push the edge with a Tourbillon dash clock exclusively made for Bentayga by Breitling.


Being offered in 18K white or yellow gold has two dial options as mother of pearl and white.

In order to keep the fully mechanical watch in wound position Breitling designed an exclusive winding system for the watch.


In order to get the Tourbillon dash clock option a serious amount of cash has to spent. While the car itself retails apprx. 165000GBP at UK, the dash clock options is listed for 150000GBP.

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