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Cartier Panthère de Cartier

At the SIHH 2017 fair, Cartier became one of the most notable brands to introduce new models. Among the innovations of the renowned brand, which is highly appreciated by the particularly renovated Drive de Cartier series, the other important product line was the Panthère de Cartier collection, which was an iconic timepiece back in the 80s.


The SIHH exhibition has hosted many surprises this year. During the fair, which is one of the leading organizations guiding the watch industry, many new models were introduced while some brands really surprised the watch enthusiasts with unexpected novelties. One of the most noteworthy of these surprises was the Panthère de Cartier Collection, which showed up with its modern facelift.


The Panthère de Cartier collection, which have been introduced in the 1983 for the first time and taken its place among the phenomenal watch designs shortly after its release, has become a favorite among many watch aficionados. This interesting model, which achieved its own place among the flashy and often fragile designs of the 80s with its small and elegant lines, did not hesitate to embellish the wrists of famous celebrities. Panthère de Cartier has maintained its up-to-date status for a pretty long time when compared to the indispensable details of the 80s, such as permed hair, high waist pants and of course shoulder pads. However, it was unable to stand up to the changing dynamics of time and disappeared from sight, just like in many other products of the same era.

Cartier did not give up the surprises this year and unexpectedly awakened the Panthère de Cartier collection from its long sleep. The new versions, which were female models only and produced entirely with Quartz mechanisms, were truly dazzling.

panthere-de-cartier-sihh-2017-4.jpg panthere-de-cartier-sihh-2017-5.jpg

Our favorite models that we have photographed in our pleasant visit to SIHH 2017 exhibition stand are as follows:


It is certainly a very difficult job to adapt the designs of 1980s to today’s conditions as they are mostly quite characteristic and flashy. But if you ask us who can do this job, Cartier would be the only answer...

We do not doubt that the new Panthère de Cartier series, which has succeeded in fulfilling the requirements of modern times, will be of great interest, since we cannot imagine that elegant and stylish ladies should not be impressed by new models - especially after they try them on.

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