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De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Meteorite


I was totally impressed by the titanium case Dream Watch 5 when it was first released a few years ago. I have a soft spot for every timepiece which displays the time without using hands. While some brands are quite successful doing it in a very cool and sporty way, some others are just being nothing but absurd.


De Bethune is one of the boutique brands which I admire it’s designs and movements. The brand,  producing timepieces which manage to be futuristic and cool looking at the same time, mostly offered in over sized models. DreamWatch concept on the other hand, is a tad more extra ordinary than the trade mark unique style of the product line. It’s fairly normal to end up with such an “interesting” timepiece if you try to turn en eye catcher watch to a head turner one.


David Zenetta, who had a major role in creating this timepiece, based his design on the space craft used in the famous Disney motion picture of 1986: Flight of the Navigator. Dream Watch 5 Meteorite looks quite similar to the original design however, it still has major differences.


The first one is the case. Despite its 49mm x 39mm measures, the meteorite case wears surprisingly comfortable on the wrist. The extra ordinary methods and materials used in the production of the case make every single timepiece unique. Blue and purple colored patterns form up in a different way in each model. Though the color of the case is artificial, it doesn’t alter the fact that it looks like a precious gem on the wrist.


Another difference comes up in the movement section. The movement features a moon figure which completes a single turn in 29.5 days and a date wheel like it’s predecessor but, now it’s also equipped with Tourbillon escapement. The 5 days power reserve movement is winded up by the diamond crown.


The last difference is the price tag. While the original version is retailed for 150.000 CHF, the Meteorite model is being sold for 450.000 CHF.

The brand has a very meaningful motto “  Modern Day Alchemists “ which proved to be more than just words thanks to the magnificent Dream Watch 5 Meteorite.


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