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Greubel Forsey The Art Piece 2


One of the leading exotic watch manufacturers Greubel Forsey presents the Art Piece 2 with a Sapphire Micro-Portrait

The Art Piece 2 features the brand’s famous Double Tourbillon 30° accompanied with a nano-engraving on a sapphire plate which could only be seen through a microscope.


As we mentioned before, Greubel Forsey specialises in exotic tourbillon wristwatches for a long time. However, its latest timepiece is considered to be it’s first and yet to be most exciting creation of miniature crafting art. Visible through a special magnifying lens custom-made exclusively for this timepiece, a micro tiny sapphire crystal plate is located over a mirror polished steel bridge which reminds us the one to that used to hold the tourbillon escapement.


Engraved mechanically on the sapphire is an illustration of the mighty Double Tourbillon 30°, the same double axis tourbillon regulator that beats at two o’clock position.

This stunning work tributes to ‘’mise en abyme’’ which is a form in classical art for paintings feature a tiny image of itself.


In order to read the time you have to push the button in the case which activates the time display, shown in a small aperture located at four o’clock on the dial. The movement is hand-wound, with the power reserve indicator located just below the time display window.


As the name states, the Art Piece 2 is the second creation in Greubel Forsey’s product group of micro-art timepieces.

Greubel Forsey Art Piece 2 is priced at CHF 590,000.


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