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Hamilton ODC X-03 H51598990


The American origin brand Hamilton, which has numerous supports for the Hollywood film industry, presented its new timepiece limited to 999 pieces only.


Hamilton made his debut in the world of Hollywood with the film "The Frogmen" for the first time in 1951. Since then, it has appeared in movies for a number of times. These are two films that draw attention; Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey (2001: A Space Adventure). Hamilton produced the ODC X-03 to celebrate those two iconic blockbusters.


Designed by Nathan Crowley, three-time Oscar nominee and Interstellar’s production designer, this new timepiece features state-of-the-art technology and design. Every detail has been considered from the lower dial to the seals and rivets inspired by the space ship in order to obtain the new model’s space age design. In the production of some parts, the latest technologies such as 3D printing and laser processing have been used.


The case has a hexagonal shape of 49mm x 52mm produced by PVD coating on titanium. It sports sapphire crystal with antireflection coating on both sides and is 100 meters water resistant. The caseback of the watch has engraved important information about Jupiter, such as size and temperature. At the same time, the watch’s limit number is also there.


Another attention grabbing detail of the watch is the design of the winding levers. I say levers because ODC X-03 houses three independent mechanisms controlled by lever looking winding devices. One of these mechanisms is automatic and the other two are quartz mechanisms. We saw such a design in Hamilton’s previous ODC series models X-01 and X-02.



Hamilton X-01 and X-02

As far as the dial is concerned, it was tried to give the impression that the visuals of Jupiter were located on the background, and that the three sub-dials were orbiting Jupiter. By means of the sub-dials, 3 different time zones can be displayed. While the hour and minute arms are shown in the local time display, only the hour hand is displayed in the other two screens, and the minute is read from this main screen for all time zones.


As I mentioned earlier in the heart of watch, there are three different mechanisms. ETA 2671 automatic mechanism is located in the large lower case and a pair ETA of 901.001 quartz mechanisms are present in the other two lower cases.


The new model comes in a simple but very stylish and modern box. In addition, the Hamilton ODC X-03 has a leather-lined textile strap. This strap is secured by a black PVD coating buckle.


In my opinion, the Hamilton ODC X-03 has all the features I expect to have from a limited timepiece. It has become a more characteristic watch than the so-called limited/special edition models created by changing the dial and back cover, which we have become accustomed to see in many brands. The recommended selling price for the timepiece is 3,500 CHF.

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