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Hamilton Ventura Elvis80


When it comes to special and/or limited edition watches, using celebrities is a common approach. From contracted brand ambassadors to spontaneously picked figures, there is a vast variety of watches presented with a celebrity

Hamilton – Elvis Presley relation looks pretty much the same however, there’s a kind of an “ organic “ difference. Hamilton did not design and produce a watch for Elvis.. In fact, Elvis randomly chose the Hamilton Ventura and wore it during his blockbuster motion picture – Blue Hawaii in 1961.


Hamilton, one of the leading American watch manufacturers at that time, did not possibly forecast this current situation about Ventura however, the brand did not remain unresponsive to that unique watch which made them own one of the most iconic designs in the watch industry.

The models in the up to date Ventura collection look different from the original model worn by the “ King “ however, the DNA can easily be seen in the watches. After almost 55 years, Ventura is still a unique watch with it’s asymmetrical triangle shaped case.


Ventura Elvis80 bears remarkable differences compared to the version in 1961. The larger case is the most significant one. The PVD case and quartz movement options comes after the case modding.. The model we have here is the Elvis80 PVD Automatic version.


The most distinct feature of the Ventura Elvis80 is it’s shield formed case design. Measuring 44.6mm at it’s larger side, the case is black PVD coated over stainless steel. Both sides sport sapphire crystals allowing the user to see the movement at the back. The unique winding crown is PVD coated as well. Watch is rated WR50M.


The dial shows signs of retro design. Stylized hour markers are located at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. The minute markers are designed in various forms and colors with an inner bezel like placing. The minute markers from 12 to 3 sport orange color bringing heat to the black dominated design of the watch. I really like that detail.


The hand set is designed in a matching retro style with arrow form. Center located second hand is painted in the same orange color with the 12 to 3 minute markers.

There is a date display located at 3 o’clock position which slightly impairs the integrity of the dial. At least, the date disk can be designed with white fonts over black background.


The watch features the automatic Caliber Ref.H-10. H-10 offers 80h power reserve when fully wound. Considering the price tag of the watch, it’s one heck of a deal maker feature here.

Ventura Elvis80 PVD comes on a beautiful and comfy rubber strap. Hamilton writings on the strap is a cool detail. Black PVD coated stainless steel buckle feels good and fits the rest of the watch nicely.

HAM-LTON_VENTURA_ELV-S80_AUTO_H24585331-6-.jpg HAM-LTON_VENTURA_ELV-S80_AUTO_H24585331-9-.jpg

The watch looks quite good on the wrist. The almost all black design prevents the beautiful lines of the case to be seen instantly but, it will not hurt the eye-catcher design of the watch at all.

Since I like black watches I must say I like the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 PVD a lot. It’s a watch with a story and heritage. I found the upgrades for the Elvis80 version to be very successful with a perfect timing as some might think the Elvis Presley connection was getting old.


As I mentioned before, Ventura Elvis80 has a stainless steel version as well. Being offered with a quartz movement only, the stainless steel version can be had on a very nice, integrated metal bracelet or a couple of leather strap alternatives.


I believe Hamilton Ventura is a must for every collection with it’s iconic design and ageless place in pop culture. I strongly suggest you to give the Elvis80 collection a try. The PVD Automatic version is my favorite thanks to it’s black design and impressively 80h power reserve offering automatic movement.

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