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Hublot Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Blue Ceramic & King Gold (Ref. 525.EX.0179.RX.ORL18)


With the Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski family, Hublot re-defines the unique sports watch concept. The models with their matt blue ceramic and 18K pink gold cases, offer a bold and luxurious appeal.


The Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski project, which was designed in collaboration with Hublot and the French artist Richard Orlisnki, has a special place in the history of the brand for me. Watchmaking brands are introducing new models that are designed, consciously or involuntarily, inspired by each other. So it is possible to observe very similar details of a brand at another watchmaker’s design. Orlinski watches not only bring a brand new breath to the sector, but also do not compromise on the aesthetic values while pushing the limits of creativity. Of course, besides all this, it is also a pleasure to see that the characteristics of Hublot are preserved.

525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-3.jpg 525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-9.jpg

The models that are designed with angular lines that now became a signature for Orlinski’s designs are offered in 45mm diameter cases. I believe spectacular is the right word to define the beauty of the blue ceramic version. Seeing the blue tone, which we are familiar to see after the industry’s dominant black and white colors, being applied to different parts rather than the dial is a joy. The 18K pink gold case on the other hand blends the glamour of the design with luxury. The H shaped screws on the bezels of the models are made of black ceramic and or titanium depending on the version. The blue model is equipped with a black winding crown and pushers while the 18K pink gold one offers the same accents made of the same gold alloy with the case. Both models are equipped with scratch resistant sapphire crystals on both sides and are water-proof up to 50 meters.

525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-2.jpg 525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-5.jpg

The dials of the models are also made of sapphire crystal. The harmony of the angular hands and indexes with the rest of the case is only one of the stylish details of the timepiece. It is often a great pleasure for the user to watch the caliber of mechanical watches, especially those with a see-through case back. To be honest, it's much more enjoyable to watch the dials for these models. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the work spent on the dials certainly deserves appreciation, and the second is the automatic Caliber HUB1155, which is actually based on ETA-2894 and unfortunately cannot cope with its in-house rivals.

525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-4.jpg 525-ex-0179-rx-orl18-hublot-aerofusion-chronograph-orlinski-blue-ceramic-8.jpg

In practice, the Caliber HUB1155 is a successful movement with a power reserve of 42 hours and has been powered by the proven ETA 2894-2. However, the rest of the watch is so beautiful that you want to see the same glory in the movement side as well. Of course, the caliber that is refined and customized by Hublot engineers is fulfilling its duty.


Models with folding buckles compatible with the cases and black rubber straps are sufficiently comfortable and practical as a Hublot classic. Both models are limited production of 200 pieces each. The list price of the blue ceramic model is 17,900 CHF, while the 18K pink gold version has a MSRP of 35,900 CHF. Yes, the prices are far from the affordable category, but we couldn't expect any different from such original and ambitious models from a brand like Hublot.


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