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HYT H0 Collection


If I wanted to portray the flow of time, the outcome would certainly be an HYT model. The iconic timepiece, which displays the time with a liquid moving in a circular tube, comes with a different look this time. HYT H0 Collection... 

Compared to the previous HYT models, the H0 collection became simpler and easier to read. Although it is difficult to use the term “simple” for a 48.8mm diameter watch, the rounded sections on the dial made it a little more minimalist.


The H0 collection consists of 3 different versions. First, I want to talk about the common points of the models. All watches come in a case made of titanium material with a diameter of 48.8mm and a thickness of 17.9mm. Already in such a large case, the use of lightweight materials such as titanium was inevitable. The cases sport a screw-in winding crown made of titanium and it is water resistant to 30 meters.


The sapphire crystal on the front side of watch deserves to be explained in detail. Due to the lack of the bezel in the design of HYT HO, the sapphire crystal on the front face curves through the corners of the dial and goes down to the side of the case. Thanks to its unique design, it is also possible to read the minute through the crystal. I think that’s the most eye-catching part of the watch.


As I mentioned before, HYT watches use a liquid system to display the time. There are two types of liquids within the circular tube around the dial. One of those liquids is transparent and the other one is colored with options as green, blue and orange. The bellows provide the required force to move the liquid in a circular rotation. The sub-dial at 12 o’clock reads the minutes and the one at 09:30 o’clock reads the seconds in a more conventional lay out. There is also a power reserve indicator located at 2:30 o’clock position.


The brand which chose the skeleton style dial design for their past models, preferred a slightly closed form making the watch look a little simpler and minimalist. 

All the working mechanisms, including the bellow system I’m talking about here, take their power from the mechanical movement inside. The hand-wound 35 jeweled movement operates at a frequency of 4Hz and offers 65 hours power reserve when fully wound. The movement can be seen through the sapphire display caseback.


The new model is offered on a rubber strap secured with a titanium buckle. The list price (USA) of the model is announced as 39.000,00 USD. 

HYT is a unique brand with its own designs bringing a modern vision to the traditional watchmaking. I am excited to see such innovative, thoughtful, and labor-consuming models, rather than generic designs and features. I hope HYT and other independent brands continue their work without sacrificing their style.

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