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HYT Skull Pocket Watch


Another novelty came out of the brand HYT, which is known for its exotic timepieces. The new model, which sports the brand’s signature liquid display system, is a pocket watch.


There are two important features of the new model, which is planned to be officially released in SIHH 2017. The first thing is that it’s a pocket watch. The general features of the model brandishing a lid on its front, called the "hunter’s case", resembles the wristwatch version in the Skull series. The new timepiece is displaying the time with liquid moving in a thin crystal tube shaped like the lines of the skull motif, which gives the collection it’s name.


The fluid that gives life to the watch is pumped with two bellows located at the 6 o’clock position, which is also the section corresponding to the teeth of the skull motif on the dial. At the beginning of every hour, the fluid returns to the 6 o’clock position again, which is the starting point, showing a kind of retrograde style.


Another outstanding feature of the new model is the system used to illuminate the liquid. The lighting system works like a classic magneto and is powered by a bellow that is activated through the adjustment button at 5 o’clock. The lighting system that comes into service after the button is pushed provides energy through two LED lamps that emit blue-and-white tones for 5 seconds.


The lid on the front of the case, which is 59mm in diameter and made of titanium, opens with a tab at 6 o’clock. The interior is covered with leather and offers an open structure for personalization. The new model comes with a chain made of titanium again.


Limited to eight watches, the Skull Pocket (ref. 159-TD-49-GF-CH) is priced at US$115,000 and available from HYT retailers.

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