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IWC Schaffhausen Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition 150 Years


IWC Schaffhausen is one of the first brands to come to mind when it’s all about pilot watches. Being one of the very few brands that produced timepieces to be used by pilots during World War II, IWC Schaffhausen maintains its classic pilot watch tradition for many years. Among the unchanging members of the series, the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph is a stylish model that blends traditional pilot watches with chronograph complications.


IWC Schaffhausen celebrated its 150th anniversary as SIHH last year with various novelties that were actually special and limited editions of the models that were already present in the brand’s product line. It was a bit of a disappointment for me as I was expecting brand new models but ended up seeing the white or blue themed versions of old models. Therefore, it would be more accurate to call this model an IWC Schaffhausen Pilot’s Chronograph with a different color dial rather than an anniversary edition.


The model comes in a stainless-steel case measuring 43mm x 15.3mm just like the other models in the collection. The double AR coated sapphire crystal offers a clean look but due to the nature of the coating scratches over time can be annoying. The case back is solid like the other pilot watches in the collection. This preference is not a coincidence for sure. Behind the solid case back, there is a miniature soft iron Faraday Cage to protect the movement against magnetic fields. There are brands that can provide the same protection without sacrificing sapphire crystal display case back by using different components but IWC Schaffhausen maintains its long-standing persistence on this subject.

iw377725-iwc-pilots-watch-chronograph-150-4.jpg iw377725-iwc-pilots-watch-chronograph-150-12.jpg


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Regarding my aggressive commentary, it is hard to understand why the ETA Valjoux 7750-based movement is still in use today where the reality of in-house movements reality and the high-profile brand image are so important, especially when the dial reads a brand like IWC Schaffhausen. I haven’t got any problem with the Valjoux 7750. On the contrary, I think it is a very successful movement designed to be efficacious. The problem is that the presence of movement that can be found even on entry-level Swiss watches in a mid to high-level brand is causing second thoughts in my mind about the money I have paid. As far as technical features are concerned, 25 jewels self-winding chronograph & date display movement beats at a frequency of 4Hz (28.800vph) and offers a 44-hour power reserve when fully wound. Meanwhile, the ETA-based mechanisms used in IWC Schaffhausen timepieces are not the same as those used in other brand’s watches. IWC Schaffhausen gets every part of the movement reprocessed until it meets its own standards, resulting in a movement of high craftsmanship.


There are two important differences between the other Pilot’s Chronograph models and the model we have here. The first one is the combination of the bright white dial and blue hands. It makes a very successful theme with the black indices in the dial. Another difference lies on the rear side of the watch. The case back is adorned with "150 Years" and "One Out Of 1000" engravings. Yes, we are talking about a model limited to 1000 units only, but we have no idea about the watch’s specific production No.

iw377725-iwc-pilots-watch-chronograph-150-1.jpg iw377725-iwc-pilots-watch-chronograph-150-7.jpg

IWC Schaffhausen Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition 150 Years comes with black crocodile strap and brushed stainless steel standard buckle. Although the strap feels high quality, it takes a while to reach the maximum comfort level. For a special collection model, I believe a Santoni manufacture strap would be a better choice.

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