alexa MB&F | HM7 | Aquapod | Tourbillon | SIHH 2017

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MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon


MB & F made a first in the brand’s history and made the introduction of its very first model in dive watch concept. Although it is unlikely to be able to dive with a water resistance rating of 50 meters only, the HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon could be the perfect choice for the divers with style.


The HM7 Aquapod, which features all the required specifications of a diver’s watch like a uni-rotational bezel, powerful luminosity and a comfortably readable dial, comes in such a frame breaking design as it is a model that requires utmost attention while washing with water.

MBF-Horological-Machine-7-HM7-Aquapod-6.jpg MBF-Horological-Machine-7-HM7-Aquapod-5.jpg

Case dimensions are, now hold on to your hat, 53.8 mm x 23.1 mm. You may think it’s going to be a small submarine on your wrist rather than a dive watch. In contrast to other Horological Machine designs, the HM7, with its articulated and winged lug structure, seems to have attained a higher level of comfort than expected, though this small submarine should be as far away from the water as possible.


It’s obvious that Maximilian Büsser and his teammates are inspired by the jellyfish while designing the HM7. We hope it does not cause allergic reactions when it touches our wrist. The Flying Tourbillon balance is located in the middle of the dial. The interwoven aluminum and titanium alloys are sliding on ceramic bearings with hour and minute markings printed on the rings. The 35 jewel hand wound movement offers a 72-hour power reserve when fully wound.


MB & F HM7, will be available with two different case options. Limited to 33 pieces only, the Grade 5 Titanium version will be offered with a MSRP of 98,000 CHF. The 18K red gold version, with a limited production of 66 pieces only, will be available at 118,000 CHF.


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