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MB&F Horological Machine N°10 “Bulldog”

MB&F’s newest creation, Horological Machine N°10 “Bulldog”, is coming to be your loyal friend.


MB&F likens a man's relationship with his watch to the special bond that he has with his dog. Experiences and memories in mutual solidarity for years strengthen this bond. HM10 “Bulldog” aims to establish this special bond. Just like the bond between the most loyal friends of the humankind and the animal world.


mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-red-gold-titanium-6.jpg mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-red-gold-titanium-13.jpg

MB&F (Maximillian Büsser and her friends) is an extremely dreamy, visionary and creative team. Moreover, they are all fans of science fiction. They are also the best at using nature, science, and art as inspiration. The same goes for the Horological Machine N°10. Designed with the inspiration from Bulldog, HM10 is a horological masterpiece.


HM10 has two different case options, one is Grade 5 titanium, and the other is 18K red gold and Grade 5 titanium mixed. The case measures 54mm x 45mm x 24mm. Long story short, HM10 Bulldog is not a watch designed to be the most practical watch ever. Just like, you do not use your 1000hp hyper for trips to the supermarket; it is not logical to use any horological machine as a daily watch, because MB&F produces watches that can be the star of the night instead of adapting to every occasion.


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The upper surface of the case is asymmetrically divided into two parts. At the top, there is a large surface and a pair of crowns. The crown on the left is for winding, and the one on the right is for setting up the time.


When we look at the dial behind the high curved sapphire crystal, we notice familiar design details. For example, the huge balance hanging in the middle, hour and minute indicators positioned in small domes, perfect finishing... When you flip the watch, a cleverly designed detail catches our eye. HM10 has a power reserve indicator. The place where you can monitor the remaining power reserve on the watch's back is the Bulldog jaw located behind the movement. As the jaw closes, the watch's sleep time approaches. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to wake up. In the meantime, it is possible to follow the power reserve without flipping the watch. Thanks to the curved sapphire crystal, which acts as a case back, it is enough to take a perpendicular look on your wrist to see the jaw, I mean, the remaining power reserve.


Another stunning detail about the watch is the design of the lugs. Thanks to the comfort offered by the flexible lugs, HM10 proves that it can be both unique and practical at the same time. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.


mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-red-gold-titanium-5.jpg mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-red-gold-titanium-2.jpg

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned the special bond that MB&F establishes between the watch and its owner. But, how? Due to the dial placement, only its wearer can read the time and from other angles, the hour and minute indicators are not efficiently legible. The same goes for the power reserve indicator as well. MB&F did not forget to add a humorous message behind the watch: "Forget the dog, beware of the owner." If you are an MB&F user, you are genuinely “extraordinary”.


At the heart of HM10 is the hand-built movement designed after a long-term research and development process.

mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-red-gold-titanium-8.jpg mb-f-horological-machine-n-10-bulldog-titanium-8.jpg

The 34-jewel movement, consisting of 301 parts, operates at a frequency of 18000vph and offers a 45-hour power reserve. Since the numbers on the hour and minute domes are Super-LumiNOVA applied, you may likely encounter a Bulldog that glows in the dark.


HM10 Titanium comes with a blue calfskin strap with a titanium buckle with Velcro details. A brown calfskin strap and an exclusively designed red gold folding clasp complete the HM10 RT (red-gold and titanium). The prices are as follows:

- HM10 Titanium: CHF 98,000 / USD 105,000 / EUR 92,000 + VAT


- HM10 RT (red-gold and titanium): CHF 112,000 / USD 120,000 / EUR 105,000 + VAT


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