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MECCA by Christophe Claret


The Mecca by Christophe Claret timepiece features a fascinating technology and unique visual effects. Provided by the mirascope system, a hologram is placed at the heart of the timepiece and expressing a message of peace and tolerance.

Invented about 30 years ago in University of California - Los Angeles, a mirascope is a unique process composed by two identical parabolic mirrors placed one on top of the other. The one on top has a hole in the middle, and then when you place an object on the bottom mirror, it is reflected and appears 2x larger than it actually is. Then the reflection from the top mirrors creates a hologram of the object.


Thanks to that clever technology, the Mecca by Christophe Claret watch displays a 360° view of the Kaaba.

The Mecca by Christope Claret sports many symbols which tribute to the Muslim culture. The case is decorated with an oriental motif and engraved with grey and green - the Islam representative colors.


The Arabic numbers for the hours were replaced at 5 o’clock by a white ceramic stone and at 7h o’clock by a black spinel.


The Christophe Claret Mecca is is offered in a titanium case with a diameter of 41mm and powered by a 72h power reserve twin barrel movement. The watch comes on black alligator leather strap.The caseback also features a transfer depicting the Kaaba.

Designed with sapphires, the Mecca by Christophe Claret watch sports a world map revealing white dots symbolizing Muslims turning around the Kaaba.


Mecca by Christophe Claret is adorned with three symbolic inscriptions: at 12 o’clock “Masjid al-Haram” that means “the Holy Mosque”, at 4 o’clock “Tawaf” that remains the seven days during which the Muslims have to turn around the Kaaba and finally at 8 o’clock “Makkah Al-Mukarramah” that means “The Holy City of Mecca”.


This unique masterpiece will be available for only 56 collectors only.

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