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MeisterSinger " Circularis "


When one asks about a regulator watch, most connoisseurs will immediately think of the successful German brand MeisterSinger.


The boutique was founded in 2001 and took as a German brand its quite successful place in watch sector. Manfred Brassler, founder of the company had a big admiration for regulator watches, which contributed to the growth and success of this watch making enterprise.  


The concept of this regulator styled timepiece is based on the model Souscription, the legendary watch designed Abraham-Louis Breguet, doubtless one of the most important names of the watch history.

Regulator timepieces offer a different type of practicality as common models, however these vintage designs combined with today’s technological possibilities always find a unique owner and user group.  


This time we would like to explain you the “Circularis”, MeisterSinger’s newest model just released for watch lovers.


The dial structure of Circularis consists of Arabic and Baton indexes, which in the meanwhile became unofficial symbols of the brand. The one-hand construction is similar to other models in the series.

One of the most breathtaking details is the cobalt blue colored dial.


The Arabic digits are displayed in a fine serif typeface, which is a true vintage touch from MeisterSinger. The numbers in white color are in perfect harmony with the cobalt blue dial, allowing it to play beautifully with the light.

For the hour markers that appear in baton shapes MeisterSinger used tobacco-color that not only gives the necessary contrast to read the time properly, but also grants the dial flawless visual effects.

The stainless steel case with its diameter of 43mm looks very well balanced on the wrist.


On the first sight you might not recognize all of the fine touches due to the completely polished surface, but when you take the timepiece in your hands you will discover the myriad of beautiful details the case has to offer.

The size of the cone shaped crown, which we are used to see on pilot watches, is designed in perfect harmony with the whole timepiece.

Despite the crown’s size the watch provides you with optimum comfort and an ergonomic way to wind up the caliber. The watch keeps its distance from other similar models with exaggerated crown shapes and sizes.  


The MeisterSinger logo engraved on the crown reminds us that despite its simplicity the brand pays great attention to miniature details.

The curved sapphire glass positioned about 1mm above the bezel provides the watch with a retro look from the different angles and also ensures proper readability in nearly every condition.

Just as beautiful as the front side of the watch is the back side. The see through caseback displays all the fascinating details of the movement and serves as one of the most successful features of the timepiece.

The Circularis series comes with Crocodile leather straps in different colors.

The leather strap in tobacco color and the blue toned dial complement each other perfectly.


On the butterfly clasp you will find the MeisterSinger logo inscribed in a very tasteful way.


Opposed to classic pin buckles this butterfly clasp can be put on your wrist much more comfortably. Also, due to its design the clasp prevents leather strap from wearing.

However after all these fine features, the most important difference Circularis has to other models of the brand is doubtless the caliber.


MeisterSinger’s MSH01 referance caliber is a truly miniatur work of art.

The “côtes circulaire” shaped decoration all over the movement, the rhodium treated bridges and the blue screws altogether are truly fascinating, and make it hard to take your eyes of the movement.  


Besides of all its beauty, the MSH01 is equipped with several technical characteristics.

Set with 27 jewels and wounded manually, the caliber ensures a power reserve of 5 days. Getting its capacity from the twin barrel system, the movement MSH01 does not grant any discomfort to the watch with its thickness of 5.4 mm.


Our Horobox team would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Tevfik Aydın family giving us the possibility to analyze this extraordinary timepiece. If you wish to take a closer look at this watch we suggest you to take a coffee break and visit one of Tevfik Aydın’s branches.

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