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New Models From Cartier Booth


Cartier,  a solid member of the “Haute Horlogerie” club, comes up with the brilliant combination of high technology and glittering world of jewellery. Getting close to the exhibition, let’s have a close look at those 6 beautiful time pieces by Cartier.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon


Being one of the most unique designs of Cartier initially introduced in 2014 in a lapis lazuli blue dial, Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon combines complications with an extra ordinary design. 

Powered up by the in-house Cartier caliber Ref. 9440 MC made of 362 individual pieces with a remarkably large dimensions as  40mm x 5.65mm.


The most important feature of the movement is the meteorite coated moon phase which can be set to cover the tourbillon cage if required. Bearing such a big movement, the case itself is also designed in a wide dimensions as  47mm x 16.65mm in pink gold. 

The 15 pieces limited edition model has a MSRP of 235.000 USD.


Cartier Clé de Cartier


The model which had a world premier in W&W 2015 Hong Kong with the “ Mysterious Hour ” model, the newest member of the series has a novelty of skeleton dial. Powered by the in-house caliber Ref. 9621 MC, the model is also the first automatic watch with a skeleton dial.  41mm x 11.45mm case is made of Palladium. 


The engineers at Cartier did their utmost to make the rotor invisible as much as possible. 

Apparently they managed to do so. Another neat feature of the dial is the Arabic numerals 3,6,9, and 12 hiding themselves quite successfully among the dial. The watch has a MSRP of 61.000 USD.


Cartier Crash Skeleton


Undoubtedly the most iconic and the hardest to get along with for most; Crash comes up with it’s skeleton version. The history of Crash goes far back in Cartier making it one of the most important women’s watches product lines of the brand.

The  28.15mm x 45.32mm sized case in pink gold looks like it’s melted. It’s been said that a Platinum version is also on the way. Another cool feature about the watch is it’s caliber which is exclusively designed for this model. 


While most brands go with standard calibers for their entire product line, Cartier caliber Ref. 9618 MC stands as an absolute exception. The model has a MSRP of 68.500 USD.


Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Day / Night


Another series  which Cartier fans are familiar with; Rotonde. Originally named “  Jour et Nuit “ in French, the model features a retrograde style minute hand and a date disk placed on the top side of the dial. The dial reads the time through the sun ray lined up numeral. There is also a retrograde moon phase indicator located at the lower side of the dial. 


The model sports automatic the in-house caliber Ref. 9912 MC made of 290 parts with a power reserve of 48h when fully wound. This special model has a MSRP of 94.000 USD.


Cartier Panthères et Colibri


The Panther figure is a long time symbol for Cartier.  This special model is a “ live “mile stone for the brand showing the brand’s current level of perfect mechanic and design wise of expertise. We call it live as the dial shows the power reserve level with a visual feast.  

When the diamond embedded crown is pushed, the baby panther plunges forward from the back of it’s parent. The frightened bird moves up to indicate the power reserve. This breath taking visualization is obtained through a combination 18K white gold and 270 pieces of diamond. 


The 3 days power reserve caliber features 367 individual parts and 4Hz operation speed. The 18K white gold with 42.75mm diameter has 314 pieces of diamonds. Cartier Panthères et Colibri model has MSRPs as 179.000 USD non-diamond and 381.000 USD diamond versions.


Cartier Panthère Mystérieuse


The 18K white gold case model features the famous Panthere as well picturing a flying panthere figured hour and minute hand.

Sporting the in-house caliber Ref. Nr. 9981 MC, the model features 533 diamonds for the panthere figure and 2 emeralds for the eyes of the panthere. The caliber offers 2 day power reserve with a highly engineered design which houses the parts except the minute and hour hand in a part which takes 30% of the total movement. 


Mystery product line has a long history at Cartier. Initially designed by the illusionist and watch maker Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, the model has been first launched at 1912. Cartier  Mystérieuse’s MSRP varies from 180.000 USD to 364.000 USD

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