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Officine Panerai PAM00703


Consistent with the unique Italian aesthetics of Swiss watchmaking, Panerai has produced many timepieces in the past, to allow the Italian "Gamma Commando" to comfortably read the time under-water. The brand has been run by the same person since it started operating under the Richemont Group roof in 1997: Angelo Bonati. The philosophy of Angelo Bonati, who started at Panerai in 1997 and created one of the most well known and respected watch brands in the world, says:

"Every modern Panerai takes its foundations from its past. From the cases, to the buckles and even to the straps ... If you do not do this, you lose your way. If you do not respect the past, no one respects you. We have to think about our past for our future, and if we are not open to innovations at the same time, we have nothing left to do…"

Panerai’s newest phenomenon, the Ref. PAM00703 is nothing but an embodiment of these words.


Do you remember the PAM00672, the 99 piece limited edition model with immaculate engravings on the sides of the case and the movement that Panerai premiered during the "Dive into Time" exhibition in Florence for the first time a few months ago? Now imagine a model with a blue "sunburst" dial, a Luminor 1950 case, 5 different complications limited to 1 (one) piece only! That’s PAM00703.

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PAM00703’s Luminor 1950 type case is 47mm in diameter and made from Grade 2 Titanium, which is 40% lighter than stainless steel and much more resistant to wear and corrosion. The case also has a waterproof rating of 100 meters, but when you look at it, neither the material used nor the water proof rating are of interest. The excellent engravings around the case and the lugs make you amazed at first sight. It takes a week to complete the engravings of the case that are all carved by a single craftsman. The patterns are made with a technique called "Bulino". The roots of this art are based on the fact that in the first half of the 15th century, people in the Flanders region used engraving, drilling, processing of silver, and a number of plates with a special tool named "burin". The same technique is still used today by the skilled Italian craftsmen. The main theme of the ornaments is the pattern called "Giglio Fiorentino" or Florence Lily on the edge of the case, and the depth of the engravings makes the Luminor 1950 more beautiful. Another detail in the case is the use of the patented crown guard with bottom opening instead of the regular top opening. The "FIRENZE" engraving on the crown guard is a very beautiful feature.


The dial is a "sandwich type”, created by Officine Panerai in the 1930s, and designed to provide maximum readability even in the darkest conditions. The dial consists of two different layers; the upper dial with figures and hour markers and the lower dial with a Super Luminova base. Another detail about the dial is its sunburst surface creating and impressive effect reflecting the light. The name "Firenze" was created since the brand had been established in Florence, and the model is inspired by this occasion. There is also a Florentine Lily pattern on the dial.


The LUMINOR 1950 FIRENZE Tourbillion GMT is a work of art with its unique nature, its engravings which fits with the Luminor 1950 case perfectly, and its existence as an indication of Panerai’s innovative mechanical mastery and ties to its history, which should be experienced by every watch enthusiast, and especially by a Paneristi.

The layout of the complication displays and indicators are very well balanced. The small seconds hand that we see at Luminor Marina models, is present at the 9 o’clock position. But unlike the standard task, this indicator also shows the Tourbillion’s turn speed as well as the small second. At 3 o’clock, there is a day/night indicator and a hand for the second time zone.


Since Officine Panerai moved to its own factory in Neuchatel in 2002, it continues to increase its claim of movement manufacturing every day. Developing the first in-house Caliber Ref. P.2002 in 2005, the company has continued to work ever since to produce the "first" minute repeater timepiece this year. But Angelo Bonati had a stance: "If we do the same things that others do, we do not do anything". Panerai, acting on this motto, and made a different design. The PAM600 consisted of three individual gongs for the minute repeater, striking at 10-minute intervals and at the beginning of the hour instead of the traditional 15-minute gong, and was also adjustable for both time zones. Using its innovative side at this time, the brand used the P.2005 Tourbillion calendar, which was completely manufactured and assembled by Panerai for the PAM00703.


The movement Caliber Ref.P.2005 offers hours, minutes, small seconds, 30 second Tourbillion, GMT, day/night and power reserve indicator complications. Of course, with a few differences. Panerai’s patented Tourbillion system does not rotate parallel to the ground on a horizontal axis like a classic Tourbillion, but perpendicular to the axis with two complete rotations per minute. With a spot on the small second’s indicator, the Tourbillion’s precise second of the rotation is also displayed.  The Tourbillion takes two complete rotations per minute, reacting faster to the position changes than its rivals, providing a sharper time measurement. Also the inner part of the Tourbillion cage is covered with a mirror for visual enjoyment which lets you watch the Tourbillion escapement from all angles.


Caliber Ref.P.2005 measures 37.2 mm in diameter and 9.1 mm in thickness. The 31 jeweled movement features 239 pieces and beats at 28800vph with 6 days power reserve thanks to its three barrel winding system.

The LUMINOR 1950 FIRENZE Tourbillion GMT is a work of art with its unique nature, its engravings which fits with the Luminor 1950 case perfectly, and its existence as an indication of Panerai’s innovative mechanical mastery and ties to its history, which should be experienced by every watch enthusiast, and especially by a Paneristi. 


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