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Omega Celebrates 51st Anniversary of the Landing on the Moon with Speedmaster Moonwatch 321

Fifty-one years ago, in July, while Apollo 11 astronauts left the first footsteps of humankind on the lunar surface, there was only one watch that accompanied the crew on this crucial mission: Omega Speedmaster Caliber 321.


The second-generation Caliber 321 powered Speedmaster Moonwatch model, introduced by Omega this year, will finally start to appear on the wrists of watch lovers that are ready to enjoy this exclusive timepiece.


The standard production model offers a genuine connection with the history of space missions, and also impresses with its movement, which is long-awaited and sought-after by watch collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.


The model comes with a 39.7mm diameter stainless steel case. In the design of the watch, it is possible to come across details specific to the 3rd Generation Speedmaster model accompanying the astronaut during the first space-walk of America in 1965. The new model is a candidate for being one of the most remarkable Speedmaster versions with its vintage Omega logo on the black dial and the unique font on the glossy black ceramic bezel. The sapphire crystal display case back reveals the breathtaking level of Caliber 321's 2-year extensive research and reproduction stages.

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We think that it will be hard to find a better way for the watch enthusiasts across the world than Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Caliber 321 to celebrate the success of humankind beyond the world.

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