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Omega Olympic Games 2020 Speedmaster


Omega quietly introduced five new Speedmaster models exclusively designed for the Olympic Games 2020, which will take place in Japan. All new models will be sold in Japan only through Omega boutiques across the country.


The five new Speedmaster models that was introduced at the Japanese website of the brand attracted a great deal of attention from many watch enthusiasts, especially the die-hard Omega fans. The new models, which got popular in a flash thanks to the thousands of entries in the social media, offer details that refer to the brand’s on-going Official Time Keeper of Olympic Games title.


The collection that has been designed for the 2018 Olympics featuring different color-themed models inspired by the Olympic circles have been highly acclaimed by the watch enthusiasts and managed to get in to the collectors’ shopping lists from the top. Omega, which is preparing its third season as the Official Time Keeper of Olympic Games, introduced another Olympics inspired collection that is similar with this year’s models. The new collection tributes to the 2020 Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Japan.


522-30-42-30-03-001-omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-1-.jpg 522-30-42-30-06-001-omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-1-.jpg

The new models are limited to 2020 units per each. The watches and can be bought in a set of all five. This set is limited to 55 pieces. As you can see from the photos on Omega's Japanese website, three of the new models are presented in a full stainless steel, while the other two are designed in Bi-color style. I think it is a good move for Omega releasing Bi-color Speedmasters again after the 1971 limited Apollo 15 35th Anniversary model introduced in 2006, as the TwoTone watches are becoming popular again. Let me add those Bi-color models include 18K yellow gold and Omega’s patented pink gold alloy 18K Sedna gold.


522-20-42-30-01-001-omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-1-.jpg 522-20-42-30-06-001-omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-1-.jpg

When we look closely at the models, it is hard to say that they are completely new because the details inspired from the past and current models are easily noticeable especially for Speedmaster fans.

All five watches have ‘Speedmaster’ printed in red on the dial. The engraved case back is also the same for all watches, except for those that are offered in the 55 pieces only set.

522-30-42-30-04-001-omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-3-.jpg omega-olympic-games-2020-speedmaster-3-.jpg

As far as technical details are concerned, we can say that the new models are based on the standard Moonwatch model. All models are offered in 42mm diameter Moonwatch style cases and powered by the Lemania based manual winding Caliber 1861, which we are familiar with from the Moonwatch model.


As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, all the models in the new collection are offered for sale through boutiques located within the Japanese market. However, considering the watch market’s global nature, we are sure that there will be more practical ways than paying a visit to Japan for getting one of those timepieces.

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