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Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID PAM01225

Panerai is under the spotlight with its environmentally friendly model Submersible eLAB-ID PAM01225, introduced at the Watches & Wonders 2021 trade show.


As in almost every field of the industry, the search for environmentally friendly solutions continues in luxury watchmaking as well. Working to preserve the ecological balance, brands focus on recycling and sustainability and develop new technologies to contribute to this issue.


In this context, the Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID Concept, perhaps the most successful of the examples produced so far, raises the bar with 98.6% total recycled material usage.


98.6% of the total weight of the Submersible eLAB-ID model, developed in the R&D workshop of the brand called "Laboratorio di Idee", is made of "materials with a high percentage of recycled items." This incredible value is obtained with different components manufactured using the same logic. The eLAB-ID is not the first model of the brand to be environmentally friendly, therefore the experience gained from past models is taken one step further in this new watch. The case, sandwich-style dial, and movement bridges of the eLAB-ID are made of EcoTitanium, an aerospace-grade recycled titanium alloy, which was introduced with the Submersible Mike Horn Edition in 2019. Super-LumiNOVA, on the hands that accompany the dial, is produced using recycled gold, again as a first in the industry. Even the sapphire crystal on the grayscale dial is recycled. Light blue stitched Grigio Roccia fabric strap is made from recycled PET material and fastened to the wrist with an EcoTitanium buckle.

Of course, the project that allows all these components to be produced from recycled materials brings along a difficult procurement process for Panerai. Jean-Marc Pontrué, CEO of the brand, explains the procurement process required to bring the model to life: “When you enter a job like this, you are appealing to the entire network of potential suppliers. The most time-consuming thing is knocking on the doors of new suppliers who are not used to working with the watch industry. It was also a surprising fact to see how little material we are demanding as an industry compared to giant companies that demand hundreds of tons of such material for boats, planes, and cars. Too little. ”. Pontrué also emphasizes that although Panerai was the first watch manufacturer to incorporate this level of recycled-based features into a watch model, the company also encourages its competitors s to adhere to the" draft "provided by the eLAB-ID. The brand, which follows a very transparent attitude during the entire procurement process, does not keep any details secret, neither in terms of materials nor suppliers. These suppliers include Siltronix ST (recycled silicone), Sigatech (specialty in silicone), Eramet subsidiary Aubert & Duval (EcoTitanium), Pro Cadrans (recycled dial), Monyco (applying Super-LumiNOVA and collecting material for recycling). , RC Tritec (luminescent pigments), Novo Cristal (recycled sapphire), Ugitech (recycled steel), and Morellato (strap made of recycled plastic). “This is an ecosystem that we need to build from scratch, but one that is open to as many companies as possible, not only within [parent company] Richemont but within all of our competitors in Switzerland and abroad.” The more we participate, the more it is on making it a cleaner environment. "We will have such a strong influence" says Pontrué.


While focusing on recycling and sustainability themes, Submersible eLAB-ID continues to successfully carry the DNA of the brand as a watch. The 44mm diameter Submersible style case comes in a brushed surface form. Made of EcoTitanium material, the case is waterproof up to 300 meters. The unique winding crown guard, which is among the symbol details of the brand, emphasizes the nature-friendly concept with the eLAB-ID engraving.


The dial of the model is also made of EcoTitanium material. At the 6 o’clock position of the sandwich dial, which offers a unique look with its blue phosphor disc featuring recycled Super-LumiNOVA, a first in the industry, is the eLAB-ID text that highlights the concept.


The new model is home to the Caliber P.900e movement, which was designed and produced in-house. The automatic movement offers 72 hours/3 power reserve when fully wound.


Limited to only 30 pieces, the model is accompanied by a strap made of recycled Grigio Roccia fabric with light blue stitching and a trapezoidal buckle made of EcoTitanium material.


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