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Patek Philippe "The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York 2017" Event and All Models Introduced


Patek Philippe "The Art of Watches Grand New York 2017" kicked off today (July 13). The 10-day event will be held on New York City’s Cipriani 42nd Street and will feature important and valuable timepieces from Patek Philippe’s history. In addition, 9 new Patek Philippe models that are created for this special occasion will be presented to watch enthusiasts.

Among the newly announced models, Patek Philippe Pilot’s Calatrava Ref. 5522A had the most attention. The brand, which surprised all authorities with its Dual Time model for the first time in 2015, prepared a brand new model for the event to take place in New York. The two-handed model comes in a 42mm diameter case made of stainless steel. Powered by the self-winding Caliber Ref. 324S, the model is limited to 600 units only and has a price tag of 21.547,00 USD (US list).


patek-philippe-calatrava-pilot-5522A-3.jpg patek-philippe-calatrava-pilot-5522A-4.jpg

Patek Philippe, which did not forget the women users, designed the model Ref. 7200/50. The model is offered in a 34.6mm diameter case with a pair of dial options. Ref. 7200/50G-010 comes with a light blue mother of pear dial while Ref. 7200/50G-01 features a dark blue mother of pearl dial. Both models are limited to 75 units per each and priced as 39.485,00 USD (US list).


The other three models produced for the "Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York 2017" event feature the World Time function.  


The first entry in the list is the Ref. 5531 model featuring both World Time and Minute Repeater functions. The new model has two different dial versions. 

patek-philippe-world-time-minute-repeater-5531-1.jpg patek-philippe-world-time-minute-repeater-5531-2.jpg

One of the models depicts the daylight view of Manhattan, while the other features Manhattan’s dusk time view. Both models are offered in 42mm diameter cases made of 18K pink gold and they are limited to 5 units per each model.


Each model comes with a price tag of 561.341,00 USD (US list).

The second model in the World Time collection is the Ref. 5230 model. The new model is offered in a 38.5mm diameter case made of 18K white gold. Like the previous model, the Manhattan scene is centered on the dial.


The model is powered with the self-winding micro-rotor Caliber Ref. 240HU which allows you to switch between cities easily with the pusher located at 10 o’clock.  The model is limited to 300 pieces only and comes with a price tag of 47.000,00 USD (US list).


The last world time feature model is a ladies’ watch. The model Ref. 7130G, which we can call the ladies version of Ref.5230, comes in a 36mm diameter case available in 18K white or pink gold. Limited to 75 pieces per each, the models feature 62 diamonds in their bezels. The price is 56.702,00 USD (US list).


Another model produced in memory of the exhibition is the Minute Repeater function Ref. 7000/250. There are 160 Top Wesselton diamonds in the bezel of the model which comes in an 18K white gold case measuring 33.7mm in diameter. The new model is powered by the Caliber Ref. R27S and it is limited to 3 units only. The list price is 447.939,00 USD (US list).


Among those fascinating new models, Patek Philippe brings desk clocks, pocket watches and other wrist watches, which amaze the watch enthusiasts with their ultimate craftsmanship and traces of American Heritage.

patek-philippe-new-york-2017-10.jpg patek-philippe-new-york-2017-9.jpg



Patek-Philippe-992-111G-Pittsburgh-1.jpg Patek-Philippe-992-115J-Apsaalooke-Sentinels.jpg

Patek-Philippe-992-116J-001-Napa-Valley-Montre-de-poche.jpg patek-philippe-new-york-2017-1.jpg

patek-philippe-new-york-2017-2.jpg patek-philippe-new-york-2017-3.jpg

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