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Play of Light: The New HYT FLOW

The new HYT FLOW models combine mechanics and electronics, bringing an age of enlightenment to luxury watchmaking.

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It's good to know where the light comes from, it's better to know where it illuminates. With FLOW watches, HYT brings mechanical watchmaking to the age of enlightenment. Mechanics takes its place in models as the unexpected catalyst of electronics and comes up with a proprietary new complication that generates light at the user's request.

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HYT FLOW models reflect the brand's desire and the quest for innovation that will resonate in the contemporary setting. A specially developed pusher-triggered micro-generator stores and distributes energy to activate 8 or 13 LEDs built into the models. This energy visibly emits light throughout the dial, imitating a natural wave. Two models of the collection, FLOW Black Fluid and FLOW Blue Fluid, play different games with the scattered light.


FLOW Blue Fluid (Ref. H02464) creates a dance of light with 73 baguette cut 1.7-carat diamonds and rhythms derived from 13 LEDs underneath, bringing innovation together with beauty. The other model, FLOW Black Fluid (Ref. H02593), takes the concept of infinity through its tapered vortex shape. The side opening transmits the light emitted by 8 LEDs towards the bellows.


Both models are offered in 51mm diameter stainless steel cases. The inscription "one of twenty-five" is written on the screwed case back with sapphire crystal display. The light pusher is also located on the same side of the winding crown. The case is resistant to water pressure up to 30 meters.


FLOW models are powered by hand-wound movements that provide 65 hours of power reserve when fully wound.


H02464 comes on an orange rubber strap and a titanium buckle with a price tag of 149,000 CHF while the H02593 is available on a red rubber strap and a titanium buckle with a price tag of 79,000 CHF. The models are limited to only 25 units each.


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