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Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Sylvester Stallone


I have so much mixed feelings for Richard Mille's new model RM 25-01 that I learned how I could love and hate a watch at the same time.

Before I start talking about Richard Mille, I want to say a few things about Sylvester Stallone's watch choices. There are very few watch enthusiasts who do not know his relation with Panerai. Stallone is one of the people who had a big share in Panerai's status. The adventure started with Daylight, continued with Slytech models and finally ended with the Expendables series. It seems that Sylvester Stallone lost his heart to RM for a while. When two big names like them come together, the watch that comes out is also big!


Sylvester Stallone shared a photograph taken with Richard Mille on his Instagram account recently. With a brand new model on his wrist. I will try to express my feelings about my reaction when I saw the photo more politely because if I do not, they will not pass through the article redaction. Any watch strapped to the wrist of Rambo, who has leg size arms, would look small. However, this does not apply to the RM 25-01. The model measures 50.85mm x 23.65mm and with the winding crown included the diameter exceeds 55mm. Everything, including the dimensions, are so exaggerated that my first reaction was "Richard Mille badly screwed this time..."


As I learn about the details, the situation began to change. Everything about the RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure is created after as results of a 4 years research and development period. Therefore, each feature is decided after long consultations.

richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-1-.jpg richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-7-.jpg

When we first looked at the model, a crazy bezel greets us. In the meantime, there are actually two different bezels with the model. One of them is the main design that bears the additional compass layer and the compass arm. The other one is the standard design made for the ones who would not like to wear a skyscraper on their wrists. Both bezels are made from Grade 5 titanium and TPT carbide. The model’s case and the inner side of the compass bezel is mirror coated, while the hinged cover is made of TPT carbon. There is a water gage located at 4 o’clock, which allow the user to determine the horizontal level required for the accurate display of the compass feature. Again, on the outer side of the case but at 2 o’clock, now hold on to your hats, are five capsules used for water purification! Each capsule stored in the air-sealed chamber makes 1 liter of water drinkable in 30 to 120 minutes period depending on the degree of contamination. On the left side of the case are the chronograph start-stop and reset pushers. Such an adventure watch, huh? Over and above, it’s a Tourbillon...

richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-2-.jpg richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-3-.jpg

richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-5-.jpg richard-mille-rm-25-01-tourbillon-adventure-sylvester-stallone-6-.jpg

The movement that powers the model is a hand-wound one with 35 jewels that operates at a frequency of 21.600vph and offers 72 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Power reserve indicator and hairspring torque display, which are Richard Mille classics, can be monitored through the dial.


One of my favorite details about the watch is its camouflage-patterned rubber strap. I would like to have this design transferred to the straps that are compatible with the Tonneau case models. RM, are you taking notes?


One final word, the waterproofing rating of the watch is limited to only 100 (!) meters. I would expect a 300 meters rating for such a purpose-oriented model like this. The model is limited to 20 units only and available with a MSRP of $ 983,000. Buy it before it’s too late!

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