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Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sébastien Ogier

Exotic watchmaker Richard Mille is the guest of our review corner with the RM67-02 model exclusively designed for the rally legend Sébastien Ogier.


I remember using this statement for several different brands and models before; confusing. That’s exactly what I think of Richard Mille RM67-02. The success of RM has reached a level that cannot be ignored in today’s world of luxury watchmaking. The brand, which already has the most exotic materials, production technologies and designs in the sector, is also attracting attention with the drastically high price tags.


So far, as everything is good, you find yourself in complex emotions when you personally see the watch. The RM67-02 comes in a three-part case. The bezel and case back are made of Quartz TPT while the middle part is made of black TPT. The production of TPT material is roughly done like this; Quartz or carbon fibers are placed into the mold at an angle of 45 degrees and a special epoxy adhesive is added between the layers. The mold is then baked at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and under 6atm pressure. The cases that have their superior physical properties are processed on precision CNC machines in order to be purified and ready for assembling afterwards. This is the easy part. For a company with a turnover of millions of euros, it is a piece of cake to have this sort of precise CNC tools. Interestingly, almost all of these services are outsourced.


Well, you will say, “there’s a movement inside”. Yes, RM is the owner of the most precisely processed and unusually designed movements you will ever see. With various technical improvements and incredibly crafted parts, these movements beat at the heart of the RM watches. So where do these movements come from? APRP, namely Audemars Piguet - Renaud & Papi.


So, what is Richard Mille doing? Advertising, marketing, design, assembly, process, planning etc. Simply everything about managing a company. Let me write down the information I will give you at the end. The list price is over US$ 120,000. Case, movement and many other details are supplied by other companies, but the dial says Richard Mille. Therefore, now it’s time to pay up.


The RM67-02 has a case measuring of 38,7mm x 47,5mm x 7,8mm and weighing only 32 grams. Yes, you need to use special materials and production technologies to achieve this value at a wristwatch - at this endurance level. On the other hand, when you insert 32 grams on your arm, the feeling of lightness is not for the ones who accustomed heavy watches.


RM67-02 is powered by the self-winding CRMA07 manufactured by APRP. 25 jewels movement beats at a frequency of 4Hz / 28.800vph and offers a power reserve of 50 hours. The front side of the art piece like movement, which also acts as the dial, offers a pair of hand painted bridges to provide a visual liveliness.


Richard Mille likes to move differently in the strap part also. Like marketing the Velcro, a classic material for children shoes, as the world’s most exotic strap. RM67-02’s strap is also made of a very exotic material; rubber! Therefore, the model is quite light and comfortable. Moreover, it can be washed easily with water and soap. For different color options, it’s better to visit the nearest RM boutique.


RM67-02 is a watch that you can admire or simply not. It also proudly holds the flag of luxury consumption madness. I don’t think that the brand value of any manufacturer in the world of luxury watchmaking is as high as Richard Mille’s.


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