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Rose, Salmon, Pink and More

The romantic color of watchmaking keeps shining.

Research says that gold was discovered in Ancient Egypt in the 2500s BC. This metal, which looks extremely shiny and magnificent even in its pure form, is unfortunately extremely soft. Therefore, to be used in jobs that require durability, its purity must be reduced, that is, it must be hardened by adding other metals. This is how gold with a carat of less than 24 came into being, as it is commonly known. 2400 years after the discovery of pure gold, Carl Faberge created pink gold by adding copper and silver to the alloy. Starting from the 1920s, rose gold has been gaining popularity, especially in the Americas. The dissemination of pink gold to the masses is thanks to Cartier. Rings and other accessories named Trinity, in which white, yellow, and rose gold are used together, increase the prestige of this beautiful image.

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At this point, pink gold makes a rapid entrance into the watch industry. More precisely, it starts to find more wrist space by increasing its momentum. This new alloy, which has started to be used in dials just like in cases, allows us to witness the birth of a brand new category.


For the gold color to shift from yellow to pink, more copper needs to be added. With the addition of trace amounts of different metals into the alloy and extraordinary processing methods, the production of rose gold dials in different shades also opens the way. In the following years, the contrast created by placing pink gold dials in stainless steel, white gold, and even platinum cases made these dials attract even more attention.


Salmon and pink dials produced with modern technology allow production in a wide variety of tones without the use of gold. With the influence of the colorful dial trend that has been on the rise in recent years, many manufacturers' models with pink and salmon-colored dials produced in different tones adorn the showcases.


High-end manufacturers such as Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne aim to create visual feasts for lovers of "high watchmaking" by combining their salmon-colored dials with movements that host special complications.

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Names such as Grönefeld and Laurent Ferrier, independent manufacturers, present a groundbreaking stance with the salmon-colored dials they produce in extraordinary tones.

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The coral tones in Nomos brand's Club Campus and Oris's ProPilot X models aim to go beyond the limits by approaching the issue from a completely different perspective.

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The model in Longines' Master Collection family; combining its 38,5mm stainless steel case and 72-hour power reserve automatic caliber with a small seconds display and engraved dial, it proves to be one of the most assertive salmon watches of recent years.

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The Heritage Automatic version, which Tissot recently introduced, stands out as the option with the highest price/performance ratio for pink/salmon dial watches.


If you are thinking of buying a watch with a salmon dial, you can choose from dozens of options that have been discontinued or are still being produced. My advice is to choose a model with dark-colored indices and hands that contrast with the pink tones. In this way, it is possible to increase the legibility of the watch.


Micro brands such as Furlan Marri, Fears, and Baltic also have models with salmon dials, and I would definitely recommend considering these affordable options to see if this color is suitable for you.

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The last detail I like about salmon and pink tones is that this color has existed in both the watch and jewelry industries for many years. Unlike the blue and green tones that have gained popularity, especially in recent years, salmon-colored watches are not new to the industry and will probably maintain their existence for many years.

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