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U1 Tegimented Bezel


Among a vast variety of generic diver’s watches, some very unique models stand out and get the watch aficionado’s attention. We put our hands on a beautiful example from that small group: Sinn U1 Tegimented Bezel.


Divers watches are mostly the best examples regarding the “ Tool Watch “ concept. With their robust structures, top WR rates and simple but functional designs, the divers watched find a place for almost any watch enthusiast’s collection. In the meantime, this popularity effects the demand directly making the divers watches a high ratio share holder in the watch market.

Let’s get to the review..

Box Set

Having an average quality, Sinn U1’s box set matches perfectly with the watch’s simple but useful character.

The box set includes a spring bar removal tool and a screwdriver ( for the metal bracelet models ).



Sinn U1 has a 44mm diameter stainless steel case.


The metal parts of the watch like case, case back, bracelet, bezel etc. Are made of a special type of stainless steel used for building submariners. With the micro bead blasted surface, this stainless steel looks like a perfect match with the tool watch looks.

The slightly domed case back features several indications in German regarding the specs of the watch making Bauhaus style admirers smile.

The signed crown operates securely. Thanks to it’s design, it is easy to grab with wet hands and/or gloves. However when the crown is released that “bomb proof” image of the watch gets slightly damaged as the crown tube does not feel that solid.

The crown is located at 4 o’clock which makes easier to operate the crown when wearing the watch.


There is a double anti reflective coated sapphire glass on Sinn U1.


The AR coating works perfectly as the crystal is almost invisible at every angle. The flat sapphire crystal sits 1mm. below the bezel level.

I can say that there are no visible damage to the crystal after 6 months of daily use.


The stainless steel bezel features common dive watch indications. There is a luminous triangle on the 12 o’clock position. The bezel matches the watch nicely and a looks well balanced with the dial.

The click feeling is good and the turns are tight except a very slight rattle.

The indications on the bezel are printed in black and red color.


Sin U1’s bezel bears a unique detail. The bezel features a type of treatment called “ Tegimenting “.

Depending on the design, bezel is one of the most prone to scratches part of a watch. Therefore Sinn effected this special treatment to the bezel to make it more resistant to scratches.

Visually the bezel looks a bit darker in color when compared to the rest of the watch. I wonder how that bezel’s gonna last within time as I clearly say that even the clasp looks brand new and scratch free after 6 months.



Dial & Hands

I would like to start by saying the dial is unique and beautiful as when it comes to being unique it’s obvious that most divers watches have similar details with the Rolex Submariner in looks.


The simplicity of the dial, hands and indexes create a marvelous harmony. Though it sometimes makes me think that the watch’s dial is made of Lego, no one can deny the quality of the simple German engineering.

There is a date window located at 3 o’clock position. Personally, I do not like date windows therefore I am not happy to see it there but fortunately Sinn managed to design the date wheel white on black making me feel “ I’ll live with that.. “


Sinn U1 is quite good with luminosity. The SuperLuminova used on the dial and hands is more than enough.

Bracelet & Clasp

The model we have here has the stainless steel bracelet. With it’s net weight of over 200gr, Sinn U1 reminds me of Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller. However the bracelet creates a perfect balance on the wrist and feeling quite comfortable.


The 10mm long divers extension piece looks handy but feels a bit fragile when compared to the rest of the bracelet.

Offering efficient micro adjustment settings, the clasp feels old school when compared to modern Rolex Submariner clasps.


Sinn U1 is also offered with rubber strap as well.


There are two types of folding clasps which can be used with the rubber strap.


The Standard one is longer due to the hidden diver’s extension inside.


I find this clasp better than the one on the bracelet, however this stunning looking clasp has a down side; There is no micro adjustment..

As seen on many models, Sinn U1’s rubber strap is adjusting by cutting the edges of each parts but since there is no micro adjustment on the clasp you have to be extremely careful when cutting the strap parts as you may end up ordering a brand new strap ( actually a brand new clasp too as Sinn does not sell them separately ) from Sinn.

In order to prevent this unpleasant situation you may go with the Compact clasp. The clasp has four holes for micro adjustment and it is slightly shorter than the Standard clasp due to the lack of diver’s extension.



Sinn U1 features an ETA 2824-2 caliber which requires no further presentation I believe.

The U1 I have works with +7scn/day accuracy. I know that most ETA movements can be adjusted to work within COSC accuracy but I did not bother for a few seconds.


Unfortunately, Sinn is not being officially sold in Turkey which leaves you to shop online to get one.

The one I have has a USA MSRP of 2120,00 USD.


Since I put myself in “ the desk diver’s club “ I am not in a position to test and comment on the professional use rating of the watch. However I am very pleased with the overall quality, simple but practical design and unique looks.

Considering the precise German engineering and a bit of rarity among Rolex Submariner copied diver’s watches I am happy to find a cool looking, boutique brand and German design diver’s watch.

About the down sides; I can only mention the overall weight and lack of micro adjustment on the standard clasp which can easily be eliminated upon users’ choice of versions.

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