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Ulysse Nardin Freak X Magma and Freak X Ice

Cold as ice, hot as lava... Ulysse Nardin, which carries the words of extreme and discovery in its creation, reveals the extreme states of nature with its new models Freak X Magma and Freak X Ice.


Is your bucket list ready? Which one of your dreams is in the first place? Which watch will you be wearing on your wrist while fulfilling this extreme dream?


On the one hand, some dream of extreme dreams, and on the other hand, some turn the word "extreme" into a philosophy of life. One of these people is Carsten Peter, World Press Photographs awarded National Geographic photographer. Peter, who explored the caves in Borneo, crossed the Sahara Desert with camels and dive under the ice in Mont Blanc, lives on the edge by his camera.

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Carsten Peter is highly obsessed with developing innovative photographic techniques to capture never seen before images of the scariest environments on the planet. His incredible adventures include activities like toxic caves, turbulent lava lakes, active volcanoes, and breaking altitude records while motorized paragliding. Peter, who has received an Emmy for the World Press Photographs award by taking a photo of a tornado in America, and videography he took by entering an active volcano in the South Pacific, lives the spirit of Ulysse Nardin at its best.

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Let’s get to the other adventurers who meet with us in partnership with Carsten Peter and Ulysse Nardin. Ulysse Nardin Freak X Magma (Ref. 2303-270 / MAGMA-BQ) and Freak X Ice (Ref. 2303-270 / 00), reflect the lifestyle of the award-winning photographer and adventurer Carsten Peter. Made by the seismic combination of ultra-light carbon fiber and red, marble epoxy resin, each Freak X Magma timepiece is unique. The scratch-resistant and streamlined watch comes in a 43mm black DLC-plated titanium case. Both watches resist water pressure up to 50 meters. Thanks to the sapphire crystal case back, the movement is fully enjoyed.

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The manufacture automatic movement Caliber UN-230, providing a 72-hour power reserve, powers the watches.

Super-LumiNOVA applied bridges and markers of Freak X Magma and Freak X Ice offer another visual feast, especially when the light is insufficient.


Ulysse Nardin Freak X Magma comes on a black leather strap called 'Volcanic rock' while the matt, white-finished Titanium case model, the Freak X Ice, is complemented by a rubber-coated white leather strap.

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